Marvel Mania: 'Iron Man 4,' 'Guardians of the Galaxy,' 'The Wolverine,' 'World War Hulk' and More

Marvel Mania: 'Iron Man 4,' 'Guardians of the Galaxy,' 'The Wolverine,' 'World War Hulk' and More

Mar 05, 2013


Thor Chris Hemsworth

It’s time for your regularly scheduled dose of Marvel mania, and today we’ve got all kinds of goodies, including Kevin Feige breaking down Phase Two, James Mangold’s visual inspirations for The Wolverine, and Joss Whedon debunking those World War Hulk/Planet Hulk rumors (boo!).

More Iron Man Sequels Coming

Firstly, how about that new Iron Man 3 trailer? Following its premiere, a bunch of interviews featuring Kevin Feige and director Shane Black arrived online (read one here at Coming Soon), and the most interesting news to come out of these is the news that everyone expects the Iron Man franchise to keep going with Robert Downey Jr. 

“I have the feeling that the story that we have developed for Iron Man 3 actually concluded a trilogy, while [also] leaving the door open to a fourth," says Black. "I had a lot of discussions on this subject: 'Is that the last Iron Man for Robert?' Something tells me that it will not be the case, and will be seen in a fourth, or fifth... But I can be a little excited.” [via Empire]

Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor 2 Updates

Next up, Marvel boss Kevin Feige spoke about the “cosmic” aspect of Marvel’s second phase of superhero films. With Guardians of the Galaxy said to be set “95% in space” and the Thor sequel back in the mystical realm of Asgard, SFX asked the exec if this new series of films would be marked by being more otherworldly.

Feige responded,“I wouldn’t say that in a broad sense. The Thor film and the Guardians of the Galaxy film certainly are cosmic. Guardians and Thor will take the brunt of the cosmic side of the universe, particularly Guardians, which is 95% in space.”

He then explains that Phase Two will not only feature stories grounded here on Earth, but that the goal is to delve deeper into the characters and play around with the expectations of what a superhero film should be.

“I think Iron Man 3 shows the other side of Phase Two, which is delving deeper into the characters. Throwing them on a much more personal journey. And Captain America will showcase… What’s exciting to me about Cap – sort of about Iron Man 3 too if you look at it – is it’s tonally almost like a different genre. Shane Black’s described Iron Man 3 as a Tom Clancy sort of political thriller, which I like a lot. We hired our directors on Cap because they loved our explanation that we really want to make a ’70s political thriller masquerading as a big superhero movie.”

That seems like a risky move on Marvel’s part – why tinker with what works? – but given the studio’s track record in successfully translating its properties for the screen, we have high hopes this will all work out.

Finally, Feige reveals that the Avengers will not be an integral part of Guardians of the Galaxy.

“It’s much more of a stand-alone film. It takes place in the same universe. And when we’ve been on the other side of that universe in other movies, you might see those characteristics in Guardians, but the Avengers are not involved with what’s happening out there at this time.”

The Wolverine Director Shares Visual Inspirations

Director James Mangold has been tweeting a lot of images that provided the visual inspirations for his new stand-alone solo film starring everyone’s favorite X-Man Wolverine – and they’re getting us really excited to see the movie.

Given that the new film is set in Japan, Mangold’s influences have been very Asian – and feature images from the works of filmmakers like Wong Kar-wai, Yasujiro Ozu and Takashi Miike, and films like the Samurai trilogy and Daimajin.

However, he’s also found inspiration in films like The French Connection, The Outlaw Josey Wales and Chinatown as well. With such an intriguing mixture of influences, we can’t help but feel that The Wolverine is going to turn out better than the film that preceded it. At least that’s what we’re hoping. Check out one of the images below, then swing by Mangold’s twitter feed for the whole set. [via The Film Stage]

image inspiration for The Wolverine

Whedon Debunks World War Hulk Rumors

We close out this installment with some disappointing news – Avengers 2 director Joss Whedon has said that early reports of Marvel setting up a World War Hulk/Planet Hulk spin-off at the end of Avengers 2 is “nonsense”. Cue fanboy disappointment… now.

Whedon would be the ultimate authority on the rumors, given that he’s writing Avengers 2 and already has an outline in place. The script should be completed by this summer. There’s always the potential that he could be fibbing, or that Marvel will launch the whole Planet Hulk thing in a different way, but for the moment it looks like Planet Hulk is dead in the water -- which is too bad, because it would be awesome. [via Coming Soon]

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