Marvel Boss Kevin Feige Talks 'Thor 2', Iron Man 3', 'Captain America 2' and More

Marvel Boss Kevin Feige Talks 'Thor 2', Iron Man 3', 'Captain America 2' and More

Apr 13, 2012

Chris Hemsworth as ThorWith the world premiere of The Avengers generating positive buzz, Marvel Mania is once again sweeping the Internet. Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige is making the rounds to promote the film, but he’s also talking about all the other projects in the company’s pipeline – so if you love superhero movies, you’re going to want to read on and see what’s happening with Iron Man 3, Thor 2, and the plethora of other comic book movies the studio has in development.

Given the early buzz for The Avengers and the comic giant’s desire to turn it into a franchise, many are already wondering if director Joss Whedon will be back to helm a sequel. Fear not, true believers – Feige says there is an option in place for Whedon to return for a second film.

With The Avengers looking like a success, attention will now shift to Sony’s reboot of the Spider-Man franchise in The Amazing Spider-Man. Feige reports that he’s seen an unfinished version of the feature and that it’s excellent. He believes the film is good enough to justify rebooting the franchise and that fans will be happy with what they see.

One series that isn’t getting a reboot is The Incredible Hulk. While Mark Ruffalo is the third actor to take on the character in recent years, the studio has no plans for another solo Hulk film at this point. We’re disappointed by this news – The Hulk is a great character and we’d love to see him get the franchise he so richly deserves.

Feige had lots to say about Thor 2 – telling Collider that it picks up right where the first film ended, that Tom Hiddleston’s Loki will return (but will not be the main villain), and will focus on what’s happening in the Nine Realms.

Iron Man 3, meanwhile, draws its inspiration from the first Iron Man. “Metaphorically, we’re not going back to the cave. There’s nothing like that, but we’ve always said let’s get Tony back to the cave, which is he’s stripped of everything, he’s backed up against a wall, and he’s gotta use his intelligence to get out of it.  He can’t call Thor, he can’t call Cap, he can’t call Nick Fury, and he can’t look for the Helicarrier in the sky.”

With Iron Man 3 looking ready for production, the studio boss says that Captain America 2 is progressing as well. The film will take place after the events in The Avengers, with Steve Rogers remaining in S.H.I.E.L.D and trying to figure out his place in the world. They’re currently trying to decide how to best balance the modern day storyline with flashbacks to earlier times in Cap’s life.

There’s another interesting Captain America 2 tidbit in a Feige interview with The Huffington Post. In that piece, the interviewer mentions Cap needing a sidekick and tosses out The Falcon – Feige, who’s always coy and keeps his cards close to his vest, doesn’t confirm or deny that being an option, but does mention it was a “fun era.” We’re guessing that will add a new slot on the ever-spinning wheel of fan speculation.

There’s lots more Marvel news discussed in the Collider interview – including the potential for Disney animated features, what Edgar Wright is up to, and an update on the rumor of Zak Penn writing Dr. Strange. Check out the full article here, and let us know if any of this Marvel news has you excited. 

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