Marvel Bites: New 'Doctor Strange' Trailer and Set Report, When Samuel L. Jackson Will Return and More

Marvel Bites: New 'Doctor Strange' Trailer and Set Report, When Samuel L. Jackson Will Return and More

Sep 28, 2016

We're little over a month away from the releas of Doctor Strange (Nov. 4), so more and more information and footage from the Marvel movie is coming in by the day. Find the latest plus updates on Spider-Man: Homecoming, Nick Fury and Agent Carter below.


Doctor Strange Trailer and Set Report

A new trailer for Doctor Strange dropped this week with extra focus on Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One and Mads Mikkelsen as the villain Kaecilius. There's more of Benedict Wong as Wong, too. Watch it here:

While visiting the set of Doctor Strange in London last year, Fandango picked up some extra details on what we can look forward to in the movie, which they shared yesterday. On the action, quoting Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige: 

Some of these dimensions include the ones already spotted in the trailers — such as the Inception-esque bending of New York City. The creative team decided upon four main action sequences after considering which of these realms to pull from “to screw with our world.” The results were “an action scene totally different than anything we’ve ever done before.”

On the Ancient One and the explanation of magic in the MCU: 

As Feige pointed out, “There are a couple of lines in Thor basically saying that science and magic — it gets to a point where what’s the difference, and I think we’re continuing that.” He added, “Whether you’re looking at the ancient study of acupuncture pressure points or you’re looking an MRI – [the Ancient One’s] trying to say we’re talking about the same things here,” Feige said. “If you’re not comfortable with the word ‘spells,’ let’s use the word ‘program.’”

And on Kaecilius, quoting director Scott Derrickson:

“My favorite thing about [Kaecilius] is he is a man of ideas,” director Scott Derrickson said, “and that's to me what always is compelling about villains. I am much more interested in how they think than in what they even do.”

In true Marvel fashion, there may be a secret villain hiding in the shadows, as well. The director explained he wanted a villain “rooted in the real” to offer “an intimate relatability" to Strange, but who was also “empowered by something else, by something otherworldly.” This something, he said, “comes straight from the comics” and is comparable to “the Sauron-Saruman idea in Lord of the Rings.” He added, “We do more than that with this other-dimensional power.”


Tony Stark's Role in Spider-Man: Homecoming

We've known for a while Robert Downey Jr. will appear in Spider-Man: Homecoming as Tony Stark/Iron Man, but what brings him to that story? An image taken from the movie's set in Queens offers a hint. As you can see in the above photo, there's apparently a new Stark Expo in town. But the dates for the event are October 17-27, 2018, and the movie arrives in the summer of 2017. Otherwise, due to the high school setting and likely homecoming dance element, the kick-off month sounds about right. [Cinema Blend]


The Return of Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. 

Could Nick Fury have prevented the clash of superheroes in Captain America: Civil War had he been around? And when will he be around again? In an interview with, Samuel L. Jackson offered his thoughts on his character's return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as the re-emergence of S.H.I.E.L.D.:

There's some way of fixing what they created, and hopefully somebody has that going on or Nick Fury is out there -- wherever he is, probably hanging out with Jules and walking the world -- figuring out what happened and how it got to that particular place. Maybe they'll find out that all that was part of a ruse to get to something else also. That would be great. They'll bring me back somehow, some way, for some reason. I mean, they didn't have me around to referee the kids when they didn't go to their rooms and got in this big old fight. We'll see what happens.

The Return of Agent Carter 

Also missed by fans is Peggy Carter, whose own show was canceled after two seasons. One way for S.H.I.E.L.D. to return to the movies is with a period-set Agent Carter movie, and actress Hayley Atwell is fine waiting for that to happen because the character has plenty of time, as well. Here's what she recently told Comic Book Resources on the matter: 

I would love it to be. I hound [Marvel Studios co-president Louis] D’Esposito on a regular basis, saying, “Give me a movie!” I think the great thing about Peggy is, we know from [Captain America: The] Winter Soldier that she lives a long life, so she can come back. I’m banking on, when I’m in my fifties, I’m like, “This is the time. Let’s see what Peggy’s up to in this decade.”

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