'The Avengers' Gets an Early Release Date but a Terrible New Poster and Title in the UK

'The Avengers' Gets an Early Release Date but a Terrible New Poster and Title in the UK

Feb 28, 2012

The Avengers UK PosterOur friends from across the pond at Den of Geek picked up on an official posting on the UK Facebook page for The Avengers revealing a few important details regarding Marvel's most anticipated film to date:

1. It's now coming out in the UK on April 26th (a week sooner than the US).
2. Captain America is apparently a giant now.
3. It's no longer called The Avengers, it's now Marvel Avengers Assemble.

No, despite the terrible Photoshop work on the poster design, this does not appear to be a fan-made joke. We can't explain why Captain America is now tall enough to stomp on cars and scratch the Hulk's back, but there is at least one probable explanation for the title change. Remember the 1998 spy romp The Avengers starring Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman? It may be a distant, basic-cable memory in the US of A, but in the UK, those characters, thanks mainly to its long-running television predecessor from the '60s, have a very recognizable brand identity, and it would appear that Disney was unable to get legal clearance to use the title in the UK.

While it's not clear if that is indeed the reason right now, we'd be surprised if such an ugly title change wasn't a legal matter-- It's the same reason that the amazing Indonesian action flick The Raid recently became The Raid: Redemption in the US. Regardless of the reason, though, we can safely know two things for sure. One, no one in the UK is actually going to refer to The Avengers by this new title. Two, we all have a relative in high school that could have Photoshopped a less cheesy poster than that.

Update: Disney just sent out the US-version of this poster:

Update #2: HeyUGuys has confirmed with Disney that the change has to do with differentiating itself from the UK TV show.

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