Mark Wahlberg's Next 3 Movies: 'Instant Family, 'Wonderland,' 'Mile 22' Sequel Possibility

Mark Wahlberg's Next 3 Movies: 'Instant Family, 'Wonderland,' 'Mile 22' Sequel Possibility

Aug 20, 2018

Mile 22

Mark Wahlberg's latest collaboration with director Peter Berg, Mile 22 (above), did not fare particularly well with critics and US. box office results fell short of expectations. Still, it's expected to enjoy more favorable returns in overseas markets, where it will open on a staggered release plan over the next month or so.

Meanwhile, Wahlberg's next film has moved to an earlier date in the release calendar. What else does the actor have planned?

Instant Family

Daddy's Home

Wahlberg enjoyed success in the comedy Daddy's Home (above) as a very competitive father who attempts to bond again with his children after his ex-wife remarries. In the upcoming Instant Family, Wahlberg and Rose Byrne play a couple who become foster parents to three children and quickly realize they are wholly unprepared for the experience.

Isabela Moner, who appeared in Transformers: The Last Knight with Wahlberg, will play the oldest foster child, a rebellious teen; Octavia Spencer also stars. Director Sean Anders (Daddy's Home) was inspired by real events in his own life. Due to positive advance screenings, the film has moved its theatrical release date from February 15, 2019 to November 16.



Mile 22

This past June, we heard that Wahlberg and Peter Berg (above) would again be teaming up to make (potentially) a series of films for Netflix, based on a private detective named Spenser. Created by Robert B. Parker, the character is a military veteran and former boxer who now solves crimes in Boston. Parker wrote 40 novels in the series. Robert Urich starred in a TV adaptation that ran for three seasons in the 1980s.

After Parker's death, Ace Atkins took over the series and has written seven additional novels to date, including Wonderland. Sean O'Keefe wrote the screenplay for a new adaptation, which will find Spenser newly released from prison and pulled back into a sensational murder case in the Boston underworld. Raised in Massachusetts, Wahlberg is known for making films set in and around Boston, including The Departed, The Fighter, Ted and Patriots Day, the latter directed by Berg.

Mile 22 Sequel

Back in June, Umair Aleem was hired to write a sequel to Mile 22. No plot details were announced. According to THR, STX Entertainment planned Mile 22 as a cross-platform franchise, encompassing film, television and virtual reality. Despite the disappointing returns in the U.S., the relatively modest budget (reportedly $35 million) may allow for those plans to continue. We imagine, however, that international box office reaction will be the key to whether that happens.

Wahlberg was tapped to star in The Six Billion Dollar Man some time ago, but after director Damian Szifron departed this past May, the release date was delayed to June 5, 2020. A new director is still being sought. The actor has not yet announced any other specific projects in which he might star.

Might the actor turn to directing? In a recent interview, Wahlberg says: "I would love to direct in the future and we are actively, and me personally, spending quite a bit of money to acquire different properties, hiring writers and doing all that kind of thing. There are a couple of films that I have in mind that I want to fully finance myself. I have no problem betting on myself and investing in what I believe is going to be something special."

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