Has 'Batman vs. Superman' Found Its Lex Luthor?

Has 'Batman vs. Superman' Found Its Lex Luthor?

Aug 08, 2013

After he was teased briefly in Man of Steel (by way of business logo on the streets of Metropolis), there's really no doubt in our minds that Superman's arch-nemesis Lex Luthor will play a big role in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie, due out in 2015. Before we even knew whether or not the character would make a cameo in Man of Steel, fans were already suggesting actor Mark Strong for the role, even though Strong popped up as Sinestro in DC's recent Green Lantern movie. And while nothing is official yet, fans may just get their wish. 

Speaking to Digital Spy about whether he may play Luthor, Strong teased, "All I can say is... watch this space." Watch this space? What space? This space? That space? Okay, so we don't know which space he's talking about, but seeing as there's no flat-out denial, Strong is either hinting at an impending announcement or he's just screwing with us. Hopefully it's the former, and hopefully his name fills that mysterious space next to the words... Lex Luthor. 

If so, we dig the choice. Strong makes for a menacing villain, which he's proven on more than one occasion (Kick-Ass, anyone?) -- and most recently in an actual comic book movie (Green Lantern). Additionally, as someone who knows how to rock a bald head like a badass, he'd make a pretty powerful Luthor -- one who'd feel more real world and Dark Knight-ish than, say, the more comic booky versions performed by both Kevin Spacey (Superman Returns) and Gene Hackman (Reeve's Superman movies).

What do you think? You like Strong? Based on this quote, would you say he's a... strong candidate? Is this our new Lex Luthor?


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