Watch Mark Ruffalo and Melanie Laurent Perform Some Wicked Magic Tricks

Watch Mark Ruffalo and Melanie Laurent Perform Some Wicked Magic Tricks

May 24, 2013

Now You See Me Cast

We’re just a week away from the debut of Louis Leterrier’s magic-themed heist flick Now You See Meand to get you ready for all the crazy illusions in the film we’ve got these new videos of cast members doing some magic of their very own. Stars Mark Ruffalo, Melanie Laurent and Dave Franco show off some of their impressive skills in the following clips.

We kick things off with Franco and magician David Kwong, who give us a lesson on the art of card throwing. If you ever wanted to be Gambit from The X-Men, this primer on the art of tossing playing cards will get you started on your path. You’ll have to figure out how to develop a mutant ability that allows you to supercharge them on your own. This one isn’t a trick, but it’s still pretty cool.

Next up, Melanie Laurent shows off a card trick that adds a new wrinkle (clumsiness) to an old standard. Laurent has Jesse Eisenberg select a card from the deck, then place it back inside the pack. While shuffling the cards Laurent mishandles the deck – allowing Eisenberg’s card to fall out in front of astounded onlookers.

We’ve saved the best for last, though – actor Mark Ruffalo offers up this impressive bit involving a cup of hot coffee that appears to break several of the laws of space and physics. Ruffalo’s execution is a bit rough, but the trick is still entertaining.

Now You See Me follows a group of FBI special agents as they match wits with the Four Horsemen – a group of master illusionists who pull of daring heists during their performances while rewarding audience members with the loot. Catch it in theaters next Friday. 

[via Now You See Me Diamond Heist Challenge Site]


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