Twitter May Have Just Summoned a Mark Ruffalo As 'Columbo' Movie into Existence

Twitter May Have Just Summoned a Mark Ruffalo As 'Columbo' Movie into Existence

Jul 16, 2014

Twitter has already given the Internet countless surprise gifts, but organization during crucial political protests and viral videos have nothing on this news: Screenwriter Gary Whitta (The Book of Eli, an upcoming Star Wars spin-off) may have just willed a Columbo reboot starring Mark Ruffalo into existence simply by tweeting about it.

Whitta had been tweeting about how Ruffalo would make for a great new Columbo were anyone to reboot the '70s and '90s series starring Peter Falk as a LAPD homicide detective always racing the clock to prove how a murderer pulled off their crime. It basically started as fan-casting, then Whitta roped in Moon and Source Code director Duncan Jones suggesting that he direct the new show, obviously with Whitta writing. That then spun off into dozens of fans weighing in on who all should be guest villains in each episode.

But then Ruffalo himself chimed in, revealing that he was already working on playing Columbo. When Whitta started freaking out that he may one day actually see Ruffalo as Columbo, the actor further clarified that he and screen writer Ed Solomon (who wrote Now You See Me, starring Ruffalo) were thinking about doing it as a movie.

And that's the story of how a Columbo reboot starring Mark Ruffalo was first revealed to the world.

If it ever happens, that is. Writers and actors talk about dream projects all of the time, it doesn't mean they're anywhere close to materializing. But, this particular project has already attracted the attention of the Mystery Filmmaker niche on Twitter, which is a group of anonymous producers, vice presidents and so on who work in the film industry. Who knows if any of them (here's looking at you, MysteryExec) could actually make this movie happen, but considering Ruffalo is already intrigued, maybe this brief wave of fan excitement may grease the wheels toward it happening.

But what say you? Would you like to see Mark Ruffalo as Columbo? Spoiler alert: The answer is yes.





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