Mark Millar Says 'Kick-Ass 2' Shoots This Summer, Highlights Other Projects in Development

Mark Millar Says 'Kick-Ass 2' Shoots This Summer, Highlights Other Projects in Development

Feb 20, 2012

Kick-Ass posterComic scribe Mark Millar is living the dream – he’s one of the most in-demand writers in the world, everything he touches seems destined to become a feature film, and he never has to leave his native Scotland to deal with the suits in Hollywood. “Being Scottish, I burn the minute I go anywhere hot. It’s horrible,” he says.

“I haven’t been to Los Angeles since 2008. Wanted and Kick-Ass premiered there. I didn’t go because of the heat. I love living in Scotland. The climate is perfect for me.”
“In a weird way that makes you more desirable because everyone else plays that game of kneeling down in front of the studio executives.”
Millar’s days of bowing to Hollywood bean counters seem to be over – the writer, credited with helping take Marvel from the brink of financial ruin to a Hollywood powerhouse, has enough work for ten careers lined up in his immediate future, or so he says.
Of all the titles on his slate, fans seem most eager for an update on Kick-Ass – the first film, starring Nicolas Cage and Aaron Johnson, has gone on to become something of a cult favorite amongst superhero fanatics. Rumblings of a sequel have been around since the first film opened, but Millar now confirms to The Daily Record that he and filmmaker Matthew Vaughn expect to shoot the sequel this later this year. 
“We shoot Kick-Ass 2 and American Jesus this summer,” Millar says. 
Kick-Ass still photo
While the scribe is being somewhat secretive about the plot of Kick-Ass 2, he’s got more to say about American Jesus. Millar assures fans that the film will be respectful to Christianity, saying “if you are doing a movie about the return of Jesus as the Bible prophesied in the Book of Revelation, you have got to do it straight and treat it with dignity. I’m not taking the p***. It will be treated like a proper film.
 “A film about the returned Jesus Christ has amazing artistic potential. Jesus shows up in the middle of the financial crisis, America is in turmoil and the Eurozone is collapsing. They are quite apocalyptic times that we are living in with the gap between rich and poor.
“It is the reverse of The Omen, which is about a kid who finds out he is the anti-Christ. This is a kid who finds out he is Jesus Christ.”
While that sounds heady, Millar is also working on a movie called Supercrooks – which he describes as “Ocean’s 11 meets The X-Men.” That’s set to be followed by Secret Service – a sort of younger take on the wildly popular James Bond character, and Superior – a project about a 12-year-old superhero suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. The goal is to get that film into theaters sometime in 2014.
If all that weren’t enough, there’s also Jupiter’s Children – a sci-fi tale that Millar predicts will be the biggest sci-fi event since Star Wars. The tale focuses on superheroes in “an intergalactic saga that transcends space and time.” We’re not sure about being bigger than Star Wars, but if any comic film writer could have a shot at hitting such a lofty target, Millar is certainly on the short list. 
That’s quite the queue of projects and it remains to be seen if all of them will come to fruition, but one thing’s for sure – Mark Millar fans certainly have a lot to look forward to on the page and silver screen in the upcoming 24 months. Which of these projects sounds most exciting to you? Let us know below. 

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