Is Mark Hamill a Victim of the Weirdest, Grossest and Most Bizarre Movie Death Ever?

Is Mark Hamill a Victim of the Weirdest, Grossest and Most Bizarre Movie Death Ever?

Mar 20, 2014


It must be equal parts exhilarating and exhausting for an actor to become associated with a single film role. For Mark Hamill, that part will always be the heroic Luke Skywalker from Star Wars. The film series was an enormous success for Hamill, then a young hopeful who at that point had only appeared on television and performed voice roles. Life after the space opera wasn’t as easy as he’d hoped — at least professionally. Hamill tried to avoid being typecast, which led to some bizarre roles in his attempt to sidestep his squeaky-clean image.

However, Hamill never seemed to stray too far from the science fiction universe. There were plenty of antagonist parts to counterbalance the naive character he played, including a part in 1989’s Slipstream, directed by Steven Lisberger of TRON fame. Today, we look at a strange part Hamill had in The Guyver.

Website io9 featured a death scene from the film, which is being called the “weirdest, grossest and most bizarre death scene ever.” Based on the Japanese manga series of the same name, The Guyver involves a whole mess of a story about alien supersoldiers and nefarious corporations, and features some major gross-out special effects. In the scene, Hamill’s porn stache is mussed after he suddenly transforms into a gurgling, slimy bug… creature… thing.

Warning: This clip is NSFW and pretty gross.

Judging by the negative reviews, it’s probably the best scene in the entire film, but is it the weirdest and most bizarre death scene ever? It’s important to remember the movie was made in a post-Alien/Aliens era when almost every sci-fi movie was copying that series’ model in some form or another. The Alien/Aliens films featured some creepy, vile death scenes (including the milky death of android Bishop, played by Lance Henriksen).

Tell us what you make of Hamill's stomach-churning death scene, below.



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