Watch: Mario Is Invading the Real World in These Fun Short Films

Watch: Mario Is Invading the Real World in These Fun Short Films

Apr 15, 2014

Mario house destruction

Combining two of our favorite things, vintage Nintendo and cats, a YouTube user by the name of Mr. TV Cow has cast his saucy black-and-white kitty in a real life Super Mario Bros. video for our amusement. The frisky feline saunters around outside collecting coins, dodging turtle shells and sucking up the superpowers of the Starman.

The special effects are fun, and we kind of wish Super Mario Cat were a real thing now. It’d be a hell of a lot better than the 1993 live-action adaptation of the video game that starred poor Bob Hoskins as Mario and John Leguizamo as his partner in crime, Luigi. Cats already believe that they’re "1-Up" on humans, so we shouldn’t inflate their egos, but watch this supercute short, and try to deny the adorbs. [Spotted via Design Taxi]

And speaking of Mario, here's a less cute short film that trades cats for absolute destruction.




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