How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Like Marilyn Monroe

How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Like Marilyn Monroe

Nov 27, 2013

Looking for a last-minute recipe for your Thanksgiving feast this year? Hoping to try something different from your usual basics of turkey and stuffing? How about making this a Hollywood-relevant occasion and spend the holiday as one of the most famous movie stars of all time would? Namely Marilyn Monroe, whose recipe for turkey and stuffing were published in the New York Times Dining and Wine section a few years ago.

Originally the handwritten instructions (seen down below) appeared in a book called Fragments, which features 20 years' worth of letters, poems and other writings by the actress. This specific artifact is from the mid-1950s, though no date is certain. The Times' detective work presumes it was made while Monroe was married to Joe DiMaggio and living in San Francisco because of certain ingredients and methods pegged to the area and to the baseball player's Italian heritage. And his distaste for garlic, which explains the initial note at the top of the page.

Having this recipe available shouldn't just be a neat item through which to imagine Monroe slaving away in a kitchen for her new husband. Wouldn't it be fun to make their Thanksgiving meal yourself and maybe even turn your holiday into a whole themed event? No matter if you're having a small dinner as a couple or spending the time with a large family, make it all about the 1950s, perhaps even specifically '50s Hollywood. Each guest can dress up like a different movie star. Find a DVD of classic football games. Have some cocktails from the era. Get some other celebrity recipes from the era, such as Alfred Hitchcock's quiche lorraine. And for dessert, try Alec Guinness's baked stuffed peaches (from a Christmas cookbook, but whatever). 

Most importantly, if you take our suggestion of a golden-age Hollywood Thanksgiving, send us some photos!

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