And The March Movie Madness Tournament Champion Is ...

And The March Movie Madness Tournament Champion Is ...

Apr 23, 2012

A champion has been crowned. Or, in this case, a champion has been Knighted. 
Christopher Nolan’s eagerly anticipated The Dark Knight Rises held off all challengers to emerge victorious from our March Movie Madness Tournament. It is the blockbuster our readers believe will be the most financially successful, most creatively rewarding experience of the Summer 2012 movie-going season. 
Not that we’re surprised. When I first pitched this contest to my editors, their response, plain and simple, was, “The Dark Knight is going to win.” 
But Nolan’s film needed every possible vote to triumph over Joss Whedon’s pending The Avengers – a fellow No. 1 seed – in the Championship round. And after over 4,500 votes, TDKR topped Avengers by a score of 55.26% to 44.74%. 
It was the closest battle Dark Knight had to face. Leading up to the Championship round, Nolan’s film:
- Beat Prometheus in the Final Four by a score of 79% to 20%.
- Beat The Bourne Legacy 91% to 8% in the semi-finals.
- Knocked off Men In Black 3 by the score of 95% to 4%.
- And started the tourney by trouncing Take This Waltz 97% to 2%.
For a few days, it looked like Marvel’s marketing push for Avengers might help the dysfunctional family adventure triumph over the brooding Knight. But enough Batman fans turned out to ensure the victory. 
Now it’s up to you, Mr. Nolan. Can you deliver a trilogy-capping Batman movie that lives up to its extraordinary expectations? We have to wait until July 20 to find out, but based on our unscientific poll, there are countless fans out there willing to stand in line, buy a ticket, and see how this latest Batman series concludes. 

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