Nasty New Teaser Features Elijah Wood as 'Maniac'

Nasty New Teaser Features Elijah Wood as 'Maniac'

May 16, 2012

Yes, the Frenchmen behind High Tension, Mirrors, The Hills Have Eyes, P2, and Piranha 3D went ahead and shot a remake of William Lusting's 1980 cult "classic" Maniac. That should come as no big surprise to anyone; everything is being remade these days, especially low-budget horror films. What is slightly different is that the lovable Elijah Wood is playing the title character. Granted, anyone who has seen Sin City is aware of Mr. Wood's skills with creepy material, but based on this early Cannes teaser, the new Maniac looks pretty damn ... dark.

The original Maniac is about a sweaty, stinky mama's boy who does terrible things to women in an effort to build himself a perfect partner. Yes, it's disturbing stuff, and although I'm not a huge fan of the original movie, it does offer a truly memorable performance from Joe Spinnell and some fantastic gore work from a young Tom Savini. Beyond that, it's an oppressive little piece of work, and not in a particularly fun way.

But here's the first footage from the new version, and please be warned that this clip is rather graphic in some ways. It therefore earns the vaunted NSFW designation! [Thanks to FirstShowing for the embed]


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