'Man of Steel' Update: Will Clark Kent Lose His Trademark Glasses as These New Pics Suggest?

'Man of Steel' Update: Will Clark Kent Lose His Trademark Glasses as These New Pics Suggest?

Sep 15, 2011

Recently a young Clark Kent was seen riding around Metropolis without his trademark disguise, a simple pair of glasses.  Which is to say that Henry Cavill had his photo taken by a fan while he was filming the upcoming Man of Steel film in Chicago, the city that will represent Metropolis in the movie.

In my Man of Steel Countdown column, I just wrote an entire article about how people should speculate less about the completed film because no one can possibly know anything worthwhile, and everyone has an opinion no matter how little has been revealed.

But I’m going to do it anyway.

The Clark Kent seen in this photo looks straight off the Kansas farm with a flannel shirt and tie, but not his trademark glasses that fool even his closest friends and colleagues (and separate his human persona from that of Superman).  Plus to hide his muscular physique and strong personality, he layers his business suits, slumps his shoulders, styles his hair and raises the tenor of his voice so that he will blend into a crowd.  From the photo we can tell that some of those traditional Clark Kent standards are missing from the scene, most likely on purpose.

Could this be a scene that takes place before he puts on the suit and becomes the Man of Steel?  Or does this clue us in on the plot?  What if Clark doesn’t wear the glasses in the film at all, or puts them on at the end and goes to apply for his job at the Daily Planet?

We already know from the basic plot synopsis that was released several months ago that the story will begin in Africa, much like Batman Begins started in Asia.  These spoilery pics bolster the assumption that we are definitely looking at a new take on the origin story, and not just another film in the franchise.

Man of Steel continues to film in Chicago right now and will move to Vancouver later in the Fall.  The film will be released in theaters June 14, 2013. Check out video from this scene being shot below.

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