Man Slaps Loud Child in Movie Theater; Now Faces Jail Time

Man Slaps Loud Child in Movie Theater; Now Faces Jail Time

May 22, 2012

We've been there: You're all settled in to watch your high-priced 3D movie at your local movie theater when someone near you is making noise. And they don't stop. You politely ask them to keep it down, and they refuse. From here the right thing to do would be to exit the theater, inform a manager and ask for a refund. However, one guy decided to take matters into his own hands when he slapped a rowdy 10-year-old in the face, knocking out one of his teeth.

The confrontation went down back in April in Auburn, Washington, when a 21-year-old attacked a 10-year-old who refused to quiet down and stop throwing popcorn. Apparently this guy, Yong Hyun Kim, didn't know the kid was, well, a kid, telling officers he thought he was a grown man. Sure, it's not that difficult to tell the difference between a 10-year-old and a grown man, but we could see how one could mistake a big kid in a darkened movie theater as a grown man. That's not to say we condone his actions; we just see how someone could make that mistake.

Still, though, putting your hands on someone is not the way to solve problems, and it may prove costly if Kim is convicted of the felony assault charge against him. If found guilty, he could spend several months in jail. We think anger management classes may be more appropriate here. 

No word on which film it was they were watching when all this happened, but the incident took place on April 11th -- and the film was shown in 3D -- so it may have been Titanic 3D or Wrath of the Titans, both of which were released around that time, and neither of which is really appropriate for a 10-year-old, but that's an entirely different conversation.

What do you think? Does this guy deserve jail time, or should he be commended for taking the kid down?

[via Christopher Campbell, Seattle PI]

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