'Man of Steel' Sequel Could Arrive Next Year with 'Justice League' to Follow in 2015

'Man of Steel' Sequel Could Arrive Next Year with 'Justice League' to Follow in 2015

Jun 17, 2013

Now that Man of Steel is in theaters and has proven to be a big hit ($125 million since Thursday), Warner Bros. is waking up the entire DC universe cause it's officially go time. The studio has already fast-tracked a sequel to Man of Steel, which we originally thought would be in theaters in 2015, but now sources are telling The Wall Street Journal that date may be pushed up to 2014. Furthermore, sources also suggest a Justice League movie could be in theaters by 2015, signaling what could be the juiciest box office battle in years between The Avengers 2 and their Justice League rivals. But can Warner Bros. really work that fast? Better yet, should it?

Speaking to WSJ, Warner's president of domestic distribution Dan Fellman admits they're definitely using Man of Steel as a launching pad for a new set of DC movies set inside the same universe. "It's more than just a franchise for us, it really opens up the door to do combinations of the DC Comics characters," he said. "We can build them up like Marvel did and benefit from the history of DC."

Just how far along the people at Warner Bros. are when it comes to what they've already scripted out, we do not know. But what we want is quality, and to hear they may rush a big-budgeted Man of Steel sequel (and all its over-the-top special effects) into theaters in one year's time is kinda scary. Then again, the Fast & Furious franchise is doing it, so it can be done with a big summer movie, and shifting Man of Steel 2 to December (where the first one was originally supposed to open) may help filmmakers buy some extra time, if that's a route they choose to take.

Either way, there's pressure on the studio to do something, to say something, and to build more something. Sure there are some dorky references to other DC characters in Man of Steel (we'll have a complete Easter egg list later today), but that's not enough for most fans. They want Justice League. They want more DC characters on the big screen. And, as Veruca Salt once said, they want it now, daddy!

What do you want to see happen? Would you rather wait longer and hope that produces a better movie, or should the people at Warner Bros. just bust their asses to get Superman back on the big screen next year?


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