'Man of Steel' Gives Comic-Con Goosebumps; Plus Check Out the New Poster

'Man of Steel' Gives Comic-Con Goosebumps; Plus Check Out the New Poster

Jul 14, 2012

Arguably the most important and anticipated panel at this year's comic-con was Zack Snyder's Man of Steel, and the presentation did not disappoint.

The Highlights

-- Zack Snyder and Superman himself, Henry Cavill, were on hand to answer questions from the fans and show off the first footage from the film.

-- A teaser will be attached to The Dark Knight Rises next week.

-- The footage consisted of a three-minute trailer with a temp track (recognizable from films like Pearl Harbor) that played more off emotions than action.

-- As far as a Justice League tie, Snyder said that first they want to get Superman's "house in order" and then from there anything is possible.

-- Cavill went back to comics like The Death of Superman and the Return of Superman for inspiration.

-- There will be no John Williams score; instead they're approaching Man of Steel as if no other Superman movie exists. Hans Zimmer will create a completely new score.

Here's the new poster that was revealed during the panel.

The Footage

The three-minute trailer had a pretty clear Batman Begins feel, what with the involvement of Christopher Nolan as a producer. We  see a Clark Kent who doesn't quite know how he fits in or who he is, roaming snowy landscapes with a long beard and an even loner sense of disillusionment. We get flashes of Smallville and Clark's upbringing, as well as his search for identity and meaning. As a kid he doesn't know who he is or why he is the way he is, and so it seems like some of the film will involve his search for answers, which will take him back to his father, played by Russell Crowe.

The trailer ends with a whole slew of quick shots featuring Cavill in the suit, flying faster than a speeding bullet up through the clouds. Then quick shots of Kent engulfed in flames, Superman drowning in skulls, Lois Lane (Amy Adams) and Superman embraced in the kind of kiss that looks like it means everything. One shot of Michael Shannon as Zod (just his face), with the teaser ending with a voiceover of Superman saying that his father was afraid the world would reject him.

And that basically sums up what this film will be all about -- we'll meet a Superman who's conflicted and searching for an identity. It's more grounded in reality than previous Superman films, and it definitely has the sort of real-world tone we've come to expect from Nolan's movies. And in case you're wondering, this trailer didn't even look like a Zack Snyder movie. No slo-mo shots; none of his trademark stylistic approach. That isn't a bad thing; if anything this looks to be his most emotional film to date. The crowd loved it, and it left us feeling confident that the team of Snyder and Nolan will resurrect Superman and do the character justice.

Man of Steel hits theaters June 14, 2013.

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