Movie News: 'Man of Steel 2' Heads to Michigan; Trailer for James Franco's 'Palo Alto;' First 'Thor' TV Spot

Movie News: 'Man of Steel 2' Heads to Michigan; Trailer for James Franco's 'Palo Alto;' First 'Thor' TV Spot

Aug 30, 2013

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Man of Steel 2: The sequel to Man of Steel will be going to Michigan. Set to begin filming next year under the direction of Zack Snyder, the production will receive $35 million in incentives, based on expected expenditures of $131 million in the state. Metro Detroit will be featured, though it's not been confirmed if it will be filling in for Metropolis and/or Gotham City. And, even though Michigan is unofficially known as the Wolverine state, don't expect a cameo from Hugh Jackman. [Coming Soon]

One Direction: This is Us 3D: As the new documentary by Morgan Spurlock about the extremely popular British band One Direction prepares to open internationally, a movie theater chain in the United Kingdom has stocked up on earplugs -- not for employees, mind you, but for the older folks accompanying the group's dedicated fans. VUE Entertainment has 20,000 sets of earplugs on hand to "ensure that accompanying chaperones can enjoy the film without being worried by the high levels of expected screaming and shouting in the auditoriums." [Deadline]

Palo Alto Trailer: James Franco and Emma Roberts headline the cast for ensemble drama Palo Alto, directed by Gia Coppola (granddaughter of filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola). The movie is based on a collection of linked short stories by Franco; he plays a football coach with an unhealthy interest in teen babysitter Roberts. The movie debuted at the Telluride Film Festival in Colorado last night; it does not yet have distribution. [Vulture]

Thor: The Dark World TV Spot: As always, it's fascinating to see what studios decide to squeeze into TV spots, especially for a superhero movie that looks epic. In the case of the first TV spot for Thor: The Dark World, a full one minute of running time allows for multiple action set pieces to be glimpsed, as well as at least three juicy character moments to be showcased. The movie opens on November 8. [CBM]



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