See What Happens When One Guy Creates His Own Magneto Boots

See What Happens When One Guy Creates His Own Magneto Boots

May 23, 2014

DIY Magneto Boots

Inventor Colin Furze is clearly a busy dude – and a mad scientist. Last week, we showed you video of him demonstrating his awesome air-powered Wolverine claws. This week, it’s his take on Magneto.

While Furze hasn’t figured out a way to move metal with his mind (yet), he has concocted a nifty pair of magnetic boots that allow him to walk across the ceiling of his laboratory/shed, and demonstrate that he's way smarter than the Insane Clown Posse when it comes to understanding how magnets work.


These clodhoppers might be a little clunky in the looks department (you won’t be all Lionel Richie “Dancin’ on the Ceiling” when you put these bad boys on), but there’s no denying they work quite well for traversing from point A to point B on a metal surface.

While they may not be as sexy – or have as many practical uses – as the Wolverine claws (which is essentially like having three switchblade Ginsu knives attached to your knuckles), these are still pretty damn amazing. The best part of the video is seeing how pleased Furze is when his stuff works – he’s totally like a little kid. We would be too if we were smart enough to make these toys.


As seems to always be the case, there’s also a “how he did it” video if you’re curious, or want to undertake a similar project of your own. Check out Furze’s awesome gravity-defying boots in action in the videos above. We hope the next thing he makes is a Cyclops laser visor. We always wanted one of those as a kid.


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