Poster Premiere: Rob Reiner's 'The Magic of Belle Isle' Starring Morgan Freeman

Poster Premiere: Rob Reiner's 'The Magic of Belle Isle' Starring Morgan Freeman

Apr 05, 2012

The always affable Morgan Freeman is still a busy actor despite the fact that no one would hold it against him if he decided to retire. After all, the man is 75 and has one of the greatest career track records around. But if he wants to keep doing what he loves, no one is going to hold that against him, either.

This summer he'll be seen in The Dark Knight Rises, but before then you can catch him in The Magic of Belle Isle, which finds him reteaming with The Bucket List director Rob Reiner, alongside Virginia Madsen, Madeline Carroll, Kenan Thompson, and Fred Willard. The great Magnolia Pictures will be releasing the film on VOD starting June 1st, before rolling the film out into theaters on July 6th. Check out the synopsis and poster premiere below.

Morgan Freeman plays Monte Wildhorn, a famous Western novelist whose struggle with alcoholism has sapped his passion for writing. He takes a lakeside cabin for the summer in picturesque Belle Isle, and befriends the family next door—an attractive single mom (Virginia Madsen) and her young daughters—who help him find inspiration again. 

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