'Mad Max: Fury Road' Trailer: See What Blew Everyone Away at Comic-Con

'Mad Max: Fury Road' Trailer: See What Blew Everyone Away at Comic-Con

Jul 27, 2014

The first trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road has arrived online and man is it cool. This is a smaller version of what was shown over the weekend at Comic-Con, and for many (including me), it was the most impressive footage -- not just because it's rad as hell, but also in the way it so faithfully and passionately recaptures the wicked look, tone and feel of the original Mad Max franchise, or more specifically its second installment, The Road Warrior, which first hit theaters all the way back in 1981.

Mad Max: Fury Road hits theaters on May 15, 2015, and this trailer really does all the talking. It's relentless, brutal and ridiculously badass, and the worst part of the whole thing is how long we'll have to wait to devour it. 

Check out the four impressive character posters that debuted along with the trailer below, and let us know what you think of the whole crazy thing.




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