Here's a New Image of Tom Hardy As Mad Max in 'Mad Max: Fury Road'

Here's a New Image of Tom Hardy As Mad Max in 'Mad Max: Fury Road'

Mar 21, 2014

No other upcoming movie is as tantalizing as Mad Max: Fury Road. Here's a film that's been in the works for years, suffering numerous setbacks, but somehow through thick and thin director George Miller finally managed to return to the character who launched his big-screen career all the way back in 1979. In fact, when Mad Max: Fury Road finally arrives on May 15, 2015, it will be 30 years since the last Mad Max movie was in theaters. That means fans of this franchise (the first two Mad Max movies are absolutely brilliant, by the way, and the third stars a maniacal Tina Turner) have been waiting three decades to welcome this postapocalyptic badass back to the big screen. 

This time around Mel Gibson has been replaced by Tom Hardy, who you can see above in a new image now floating around online. That pretty much sums up all we've seen from the film so far, which is another reason why interest is high. In typical Mad Max fashion, the last plot synopsis we received was chock-full of awesome names and the promise of an epic road-trip movie across a wasteland on something called a War Rig.

“Mad Max is caught up with a group of people fleeing across the Wasteland in a War Rig driven by the Imperator Furiosa. This movie is an account of the Road War which follows. It is based on the Word Burgers of the History Men and eyewitness accounts of those who survived.”

And if the above image of Hardy as Mad Max doesn't get you excited, perhaps this one of a mysterious creature first revealed way back in 2012 will pique your interest. 

Mad Max: Fury Road also stars Nicholas Hoult (X-Men: First Class) as Nux; Hugh Keays-Byrne (Mad Max, Sleeping Beauty) as Immortan Joe; and Nathan Jones (Conan the Barbarian) as Rictus Erectus. Collectively known as the Wives, Zoe Kravitz (X-Men: First Class) plays Toast, Riley Keough (Magic Mike) is Capable, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (Transformers: Dark of the Moon) is Splendid. They are joined by supermodel Abbey Lee Kershaw as the Dag and Courtney Eaton as Fragile, both of whom are making their big-screen debuts. Also featured in the movie are Josh Helman as Slit, Jennifer Hagan as Miss Giddy, and singer-songwriter-performer iOTA as Coma-Doof Warrior.

We can only hope that more will be revealed soon. 





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