'Mad Max: Fury Road' Just Joined the Already Crazy Summer of 2015

'Mad Max: Fury Road' Just Joined the Already Crazy Summer of 2015

Nov 21, 2013

Here's the history of Mad Max: Fury Road in one simple time table. Prepare to feel exhausted at just how long it can take to get a major movie made in Hollywood.

May 2003 - Film gets a green light and a $100 million budget, but doesn't get off the ground due to politics.
March 2009 - It's announced that Fury Road will become an R-rated, 3D-animated film instead, with an expected 2012 release.
May 2009 - The animated version fizzles away and reports come in that the live action is back on and actively scouting locations.
October 2009 - Director George Miller declares filming will begin in 2011.
June 2010 - Tom Hardy announces he's playing the new Mad Max.
November 2011 - Heavy rains force the film to relocate its entire production from Australia to Africa.
July 2012 - Principal photography begins in Namibia.
December 2012 - Principal photograph wraps.
September 2013 - Reshoots are announced to take place in November, 2013.

Wow, what a journey. And now we can add one more date to that time table, since it's just been revealed that Warner Bros. has set a May 15, 2015 date for the film. Yes, that is a long way off and the wait is going to be painful for fans of the franchise, but that date should inspire some confidence that the film's long, troubled production at least hasn't hurt the end result.

Warner Bros. isn't just dumping the film any ole time of the year. Its new release date puts it in theaters two weeks after Avengers: Age of Ultron, and one week before Disney's Tomorrowland. The studio certainly still sees a postapocalyptic world starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron as a heavy hitter at the box office, and that's encouraging enough for us.





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