See 'MAD' Magazine's Hilarious DC Superhero Covers

See 'MAD' Magazine's Hilarious DC Superhero Covers

Apr 03, 2013


DC Comics and MAD Magazine (both owned by Warner Bros. Entertainment) united to redesign DC's iconic superheroes by issuing several variant covers, MAD Mag style. "It’s shocking to me that DC would entrust their beloved superheroes to the Usual Gang of Idiots at MAD," editor John Ficarra said. "Then again, this is the same company that hired me and my staff, so they do have a history of making bad decisions."

MAD artists will unveil their covers through April 13, and Design Taxi tipped us off to the first set of illustrations. MAD mascot Alfred E. Neuman features aplenty in the artworks, doing some of the juvenile things he does best: pick his nose, flash us, sit idly by while mass chaos takes over the city streets. Preview several of the satirical variants below, and then head to DC for more.







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