'Machete Kills' Trailer: You Will Believe Sofia Vergara's Gun Breasts Can Kill

'Machete Kills' Trailer: You Will Believe Sofia Vergara's Gun Breasts Can Kill

May 31, 2013

The first teaser for the sequel to a movie based off of a fake trailer created for laughs is here. But before you click play, here's a quick test: do the words Machete Kills make you laugh? Can you appreciate what an absurd title that is? Can you instantly tell that it's a movie that doesn't take itself too seriously? If yes, proceed to the trailer below. If not, just head elsewhere -- this is not your kind of movie.

And there's nothing wrong with that. It's okay to not like violent action comedies about an ex-Federale agent (Danny Trejo) who is recruited by the president of the United States (Charlie Sheen, credited here under his birth name of Carlos Estevez) to take down a billionaire arms dealer (Mel Gibson) who plans to spread war across the planet. Yes, that is the real plot description for Machete Kills, though it gets even more absurd once you throw in roles for Demian Bichir, William Sadler, Lady Gaga, Sofia Vergara, Antonio Banderas and even Cuba Gooding Jr.

Machete Kills hits theaters on September 13, 2013, which is an oddly early release date for a movie that's clearly got a big Oscar campaign on its horizon.

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