'Machete Kills Again... in Space' Trailer: A Look at the 'Machete Kills' Sequel We'll Probably Never See

'Machete Kills Again... in Space' Trailer: A Look at the 'Machete Kills' Sequel We'll Probably Never See

Nov 19, 2013

Only a few seconds into Machete Kills, and you immediately realize that Robert Rodriguez's complete vision for his Machete franchise involves not two, but three movies, with a third installment taking place... in space! In fact, the entirety of Machete Kills builds to this third movie throughout, beginning with a preview for Machete Kills Again... in Space that sets up various plot points Machete Kills pays off. That fake trailer, which stars Lady Gaga, "Justin Bieber" and "Leonardo DiCaprio," is now online for you to check out.

It's a campy little thing that plays to the over-the-top themes of Machete Kills, which itself has a lot of nods to the Star Wars universe. Rodriguez never got to shoot his Barbarella remake (remember when it was going to star his then-girlfriend Rose McGowan?), and so this third Machete movie would probably satisfy his retro sci-fi itch... if he gets to make it.

Thing is, Machete Kills only grossed $14 million worldwide, where the first Machete did something like $44 million. If Rodriguez were to make a third Machete movie (and hey, we'd definitely watch the hell out of it), then he's gonna need a Hollywood miracle. Either that or he's financing that sucker himself.

Is this the first and last we'll ever see of Machete Kills Again... in Space!? Or will Rodriguez figure out a way to complete his Machete trilogy proper? What would you like to see happen? 




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