This 'Machete Kills' 3D Trailer Is Unlike Any Movie Trailer You've Watched Before

This 'Machete Kills' 3D Trailer Is Unlike Any Movie Trailer You've Watched Before

Oct 02, 2013

If this 3D trailer for Machete Kills is any indication, the future of movie trailers may very well look a lot like this. We've been seeing a lot more interactive effects built in to movie posters as of late, but this is really the first time we're seeing these sorts of 3D effects inside a trailer that uses them throughout in fun, creative ways. Stuff like this won't always work for all movie trailers, but for silly, over-the-top, grindhouse-type movies like Machete Kills, it's perfect.

This sort of trailer does everything it can to deliver the experience of watching Machete Kills inside the framework of a preview. Not just what we'll be watching, but how we'll be watching it (although, funnily enough, the movie itself is larger than life, but not in 3D). This is the type of trailer that demands you watch the movie in a theater, and that's why it's so successful. Of course there will be people who feel all the extra fluff is just noise that distracts you from the footage and performances, but I'd argue that for a movie like Machete Kills where how you watch it is just as important as why you watch it, then stuff like this is pretty brilliant. 

Check it out below to see what we mean. [via Coming Soon]

So is Machete Kills actually worth seeing in a theater? Here's a snippet from my Fantastic Fest review: "Rodriguez' Machete movies are goofy and absurd, and even if you wish you got more out of them, it's hard not to be thankful for them. These days our action movies are too serious and our spoof movies are too lame. Machete Kills does a decent job at balancing the two and serving up an experience that's fresh, funny and full of bonkers performances."

Machete Kills hits theaters on October 11. Does this trailer make you want to watch it even more? And would you like to see more movie trailers like this in the future?




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