‘Total Recall’: Pink Eye, Being a B*tch, and the Three Breasted Woman's Return

‘Total Recall’: Pink Eye, Being a B*tch, and the Three Breasted Woman's Return

Jul 14, 2012

Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, director Les Wiseman, Jessica Biel and Bryan Cranston eagerly promoted their upcoming film Total Recall at a Comic-Con press conference on Friday, moments before their Hall H panel. The film is a new take on the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger sci-fi flick based on Philip K. Dick’s story “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale.”

The high-spirited cast jokingly commented on Cranston’s pink eye he contracted on set, the return of the three breasted woman and Colin Farrell’s dead-on Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation.

Nods to the Original

Wiseman: I actually made a list when I was about to watch the original again, and wanted to write down the things that had stayed with me over the years, and make sure those things that stuck with me made their way into the film. But it's always with a twist. Some things are apparent, and some are so buried in there. I think some of the hardcore fans will be able to see what some of those are. But I'm excited to see if they actually pick up on some of them.

…Like the Three Breasted Woman

Wiseman: The three-breasted woman! Honestly, you can't have a Total Recall that doesn't have them. There are too many fans out there, me included. I was 15 when I saw the first movie.

Bryan Cranston: By the way, anyone who shows up with an implanted third breast gets into the movie for free. Pass that around.

Kate Beckinsale on being a "Bitch Wife"

Beckinsale: Len and I are still not really talking from the first conversation of, 'There's the part that's the bitch wife that 'Im thinking of you for.' That's a prickly subject in our house.[Laughs]

Colin Farrell Channels Arnold Schwarzenegger

Wiseman: In grunts and the reaction, I swear to God you close your eyes and its Arnold right there.

Colin Farrell to Arnold Schwarzenegger: “Call Me”

Farrell:  He doesn't write, he doesn't call, nothing.  His phone keeps ringing, and every time it goes to voicemail.

Pink Eye on Set

 Cranston: I got pink eye in both eyes!

 Farrell: You got SUCH BAD PINK EYE MAN! He looked like he came off a three day bender in Saigon in '72!

Cranston: We were fighting in about eight inches of water. And, lovely people that they are, the crew heated up the water so that we weren't cold all the time. But then it became like a petri dish.

Kate Beckinsale: Did someone pee in the water?

Cranston: Someone told me its fecal matter…that's how you get pink eye!

Total Recall hits theaters on August 3.

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