‘The Hunger Games’ Countdown: What if Hit Girl, Neville Longbottom and Buffy Duked It Out in the Hunger Games?

‘The Hunger Games’ Countdown: What if Hit Girl, Neville Longbottom and Buffy Duked It Out in the Hunger Games?

Nov 02, 2011

Haymitch Hunger Games PosterTurns out that the two-month wait since the release of the teaser trailer was well worth it because not only did we get a whopping eight character posters, but they’re downright gorgeous. Plus, the gang is almost all here. After being treated to material including the teaser, some stills and the Entertainment Weekly covers featuring Katniss, Gale and Peeta, we get a peek at Cato, Rue, Effie, Haymitch and Cinna. What’d the Hunger Games fandom think about the poster designs and the characters’ looks? Check out our reaction piece right here.

That’s not enough? You want more news? Well, there isn’t much more news per se, but now that shooting’s wrapped, the tributes are out and about and they’re talking Hunger Games. Reelz Channel recently caught up with Willow Shields, who plays Katniss’ little sister, Primrose Everdeen, and while she dished mostly about her Halloween plans, she did talk a bit about her experience on the HG set, too. MTV also had the pleasure of chatting with some tributes, Amandla Stenberg (Rue) and Jackie Emerson (Fox Face), both about Rue’s whistle and about the duo’s preference for Peeta. In other Jackie Emerson news, the young actress is also quite the musician. She recently released a music video for her song “Peter Pan” and it’s most certainly worth checking out. And, just out from Vanity Fair, a tribute cast photo that not only comes packed with information on the actors, but lines ten of them up side-by-side, giving us a sense of how they'll size up in the arena. 

Battle of the Fan Sites: Our Very Own Hunger Games

What if Hollywood had its own Hunger Games? Or rather, what if the Hunger Games fandom had their own Games using characters from popular films, TV shows and books? Wonder no more because the Hunger Games, entertainment industry-style, has begun! Each website is now a District and has reaped its own tributes from multiple means of entertainment, throwing them into the arena with prospects to annihilate the competition.

Hit Girl and Moses

District MOVIES.COM - Attack the Block’s Moses & Kick-Ass’ Hit Girl

With her intense weapons training and wicked hand-to-hand combat skills, how could I not go with Hit Girl? Plus, I’d like to bet, should she be thrown into the Hunger Games with nothing but her arena uniform, she’d put her ingenuity to use to rustle up something especially violent. Then, with her foul mouth, who better to pair her with than Attack the Block’s Moses? No, Moses isn’t a trained killer like Hit Girl, but when evil aliens come and attack his block, he steps up and, damn, you better believe it bruv. Not only would this pairing be an entertaining watch via Capitol TV, but the odds most certainly would be in their favor.

Hermione and Dre

District HG GIRL ON FIRE – The Karate Kid’s Dre Parker & Harry Potter’s Hermione Granger

With his tough as nails attitude and amazing high flying kicks, Dre Parker initially appears to be a hot head who acts first and thinks later, but, with the combat training and insight he receives from Mr. Han, he can understand the intricacies involved in the Games, something that may give Dre the edge he'll need to win it all. Then, no one is more learned or accurate with a wand than Hermione Granger. She's loyal, brilliant, incredibly resourceful and does well in a pinch. Hermione is surprisingly brave and willing to stand up for herself when necessary. Dre can handle the physical combat when other tributes come a-callin' and Hermione can help him out with a handy spell. Muggle-born herself, Hermione won't be fooled by any muggle tomfoolery in the arena. Who dare cross her?

Buffy and Demitri

District THEHOB.ORGBuffy the Vampire Slayer's Buffy &The Twilight Saga's Demitri

We know Buffy Summers could hold her own in the arena because, let's face it, Buffy has been through a lot. She's killed her first love to save the world, killed herself to save the world, and has literally been to hell and back. Buffy obviously has the physical and emotional strength to push her way through the Hunger Games, but also a quick wit and likability that would win over the public. We paired Buffy with The Twilight Saga's Demitri. Not only is he a vampire (which makes him pretty indestructible), but he can track his prey by reading the "tenor" of their mind. So, basically, if he's met you once, he can find you - anywhere. We think Buffy and Demitri would be the perfect team! As long as these natural enemies don't kill each other first.

Ree and Arya

District HUNGER GAMES FIRESIDE CHAT - Game of Thrones’ Arya Stark & Winter’s Bone’s Ree Dolly

Who better to send into the arena than Katniss herself? She’s Everdeen, bread and butter (or whatever the Dolly line is). Full of resourcefulness, determination, and survival skills to boot, Ree would undoubtedly be a force to be reckoned with in the arena, especially when partnered with the youngest Stark daughter. Except Arya Stark is so badass, she’s dressed like a boy and passes for one, National Velvet style. Her cleverness and tenacity will surely get her far, especially with Ree watching over her. While neither Ree nor Arya possesses much more polish than a dead slug (in the eyes of the Capitol, anyway), with a little bit of wax and interview tips, we feel confident that we can turn these lumps of coal into sponsor-worthy pearls.

Luna and Neville

District DOWN WITH THE CAPITOL - Harry Potter's Neville Longbottom & Luna Lovegood

Being Potter fans, we couldn't not go with two tributes from Hogwarts. We chose not to go with the main trio (because Harry and Hermione would both have huge targets on their backs), but instead with the slightly more awkward, but no less dangerous, Luna and Neville. Luna's got brains, and sees the world in a different way than most - we totally see her becoming a Victor like Haymitch or Beetee, by outsmarting the system and using it to her advantage. Neville comes off (at least at first) as a weakling, and people underestimate him. We see Neville employing a Johanna-type strategy, laying low until the bitter end, before turning out to be a very capable combatant. Luna's smart and Neville's not too bad with a sword; so, even without magic, these two don't have any competition (expect maybe each other).

Rachel and Harrison Bergeron

District CRUSHABLE – Kurt Vonnegut’s Harrison Bergeron & Animorphs’ Rachel

Rachel is the ultimate fighter - brash, confident, and always the first into a battle. Obviously she would have a huge advantage if she could morph into a bird to scan the arena for opponents and traps - not to mention her grizzly bear morph - but even stripped of her powers, she's savvy enough to get her hands on some weapons. Unlike many of the tributes, she loves a good fight - probably a bit too much. Harrison was born into a dystopian society where people are crippled so that they're all equal, but he tears off his physical handicaps to remind people of a world with art and individuality. This freedom fighter will stop at nothing to bring down the Capitol.

Carrie and Jace

District VICTOR’S VILLAGE The Mortal Instruments’ Jace & Stephen King's Carrie

Jace may normally kill demons instead of humans, but little fear of death combined with his advanced fighting skills could equal a kickass competitor in the arena - not to mention that he'd do anything to get back to his loved ones. Carrie, on the other hand, has some rage and no qualms about killing anyone who threatens or wrongs her. It would all be over at the Cornucopia!

Mikaela and Murtagh

District HUNGER GAMES NETWORK Eragon’s Murtagh & Transformers’ Mikaela

Trained in automotive knowledge by her car-thief father, and having a kick-ass attitude, there’s no doubt that Mikaela Banes from Transformers could prove to be one of the toughest Tributes in the Hunger Games. With her clever mind and, not to mention, the hotness quotient which is sure to get her many sponsors, she will make a perfect pair with Murtagh from Eragon who himself is not only a combatant but also knows how to be sly and self-preserving. In additon to being able to manipulate the audience’s emotions, Murtagh and Mikaela both have the grit and planning abilities to see themselves through the Games.

Esther and Peter Wiggin

District MOCKINGJAY.NETOrphan’s Esther & Ender’s Game’s Peter Wiggin

While Esther from Orphan is technically too old for the Hunger Games, she sure looks the part and I'm confident she could sneak her way into the lottery to take her rightful place as a Career. She'd be really great at tricking people into sympathizing with her and then ruthlessly kill them while they're sleeping or otherwise occupied. Pair her up with the sadistic, but super intelligent Peter Wiggin and you have a team that can't be beat. Peter and Esther are both master manipulators and while I wouldn't root for them to win the Games, they'd certainly make the perfect villains.

Now picture yourself either home, safe and sound in your district or possibly green-skinned with a crazy hairstyle in the Capitol watching the fandom’s Hunger Games unfold. Who are you putting your money on for the win?

The Hunger Games Countdown runs here on Movies.com every other Wednesday. There are 141 days until release.

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