‘The Hunger Games’ Countdown: New District Posters, Panem October, TheCapitol.pn and a Hefty Helping of Memorable Quotes

‘The Hunger Games’ Countdown: New District Posters, Panem October, TheCapitol.pn and a Hefty Helping of Memorable Quotes

Oct 05, 2011

District 12 PosterChristmas has come early! Not only did Panem October launch on October 1st, but there's been some activity on TheCapitol.pn, too (well, for some of us, anyway). While it was an honor to be placed in one of Panem's most affluent districts, District 1, we're not getting any preferential treatment as it’s Districts 12, 8, 7, 9 and 2 that got access to their District Identification Passes. Okay, the distribution process had something to do with the number of times residents requested to expedite the process via Facebook and Twitter, but this is Panem we're talking about -- who really plays by the rules? On the bright side, the progress in Districts 2, 7, 8, 9 and 12 comes with benefits for the whole community – posters! All four now have their very own design, which you can see right here.

And, meanwhile, Panem October is up and running - kind of. It comes as no surprise that the Hunger Games fans' enthusiasm is so strong, it ultimately broke Panem October. After roughly a week and a half of character ID unveiling, the site opened to an onslaught of traffic. The problem was, so many fans wanted a piece of the action, the site was running particularly slow, if at all. But have no fear, Rowan the Gamemaker is here and a brand new version of Panem October is up, running and fully functional. Got questions? The new version of the site comes with a very informative "System Info" section.

Check Out the New District Posters

Lionsgate has released five new District posters for The Hunger Games, including ones for Districts 2, 7, 8, 9 and 12. Check them out below and let us know which District you belong in.

The Fandom Unites: The Hunger Games’ Most Memorable Quotes

As someone who frequently speaks in movie quotes, pinpointing the most memorable dialogue in all forms of entertainment happens naturally and tends to produce lasting results. I've got quite the stockpile of go-to quotes ranging from the short and sweet like Samuel L. Jackson's "Hold onto your butts," in Jurassic Park to something more pronounced like Tom Cruise's "What the $&@!" speech in Risky Business and even something that simply struck me in an episode of Road Rules, Abram Boise saying, "Be yourself, forget about your worries and the adventure begins and continues."

It should come as no surprise that this tradition continued with all three books of The Hunger Games and, even better, a slew of other fine folks in the fandom have an appreciation for memorable quotes, too. Check out the best of the best in Hunger Games quotes from, well, the best of the best.

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Oh, she’s more than smart. She’s intuitive.” – Beetee in Catching Fire
A great deal of my intense appreciation for Beetee’s heart, ingenuity and insight stems from observations like this one. Then again, Beetee’s comment about his co-tribute, Wiress, in the 75th Hunger Games, isn’t even Hunger Games specific. It’s one thing to study hard, but innate perceptiveness to Wiress’ degree is hard to come by and it’s something that certainly went to good use in the Quarter Quell.
Perri of Movies.com

"When you're in the arena ... you just remember who the enemy is." - Haymitch in Catching Fire
Katniss receives this crucial bit of advice just before entering the clock arena in Catching Fire. The idea that The Capitol is the true source of corruption, no matter what cruel occurrences may happen in the districts or the arena, is the catalyst for Katniss finally taking a stand and leading the rebellion. Remembering who the true enemy is makes her the powerful character we all love.
Kait of VictorsVillage.com

"Up you go, Catnip." – Gale in The Hunger Games
While this quote is very short, the emotion behind it has always hit me really hard every time I re-read The Hunger Games. Gale has just peeled Prim off of Katniss and now has to watch as Katniss ascends the stage to meet her fate. He calls her by the nickname only the two of them understand and also offers support for what she's done by telling her to go.
Crystal of Mockingjay.net/FictionalFood.net

"It takes ten times as long to put yourself back together as it does to fall apart." – Finnick in Mockingjay
This quote expresses such a powerful, universal truth. We break so easily, yet repairing ourselves can be a long, painful process. In this moment, Finnick is encouraging Katniss to distract herself and not give in to the nightmares that haunt her. But his words can also be applied to Panem itself. It took 75 years to overthrow the government, but it will undoubtedly take even longer for the nation to “put itself back together” and fully heal.
Savanna of The Hunger Games Fireside Chat

Peeta"Always" - Peeta in Mockingjay
One word, yet these six letters, part of a simple exchange with Katniss say and mean so much.  Peeta is "always" there for Katniss, in District 12, in the arena, and even in his hijacked state, caring for her and trying to keep her safe. When he almost loses it during the Capitol raid, it is this response to Katniss that shows us that the "Real" Peeta is still inside, fighting to continue to always be there.
Theresa of Down With The Capitol

"Don’t worry. I always channel my emotions into my work. That way I don’t hurt anyone but myself." – Cinna in Catching Fire
This is the point where readers realize that there is more to Cinna than meets the eye. While he has always been a confidant and support to Katniss, this statement reveals that his calm and gentle persona hides a fire very different from the flame that Katniss literally wears on her sleeve. Cinna's is one that smolders, burns hot and slow just beneath the surface; an inferno that, as he hints at here, once unleashed against the Capitol, will consume him as well.
Shylah of Down With The Capitol

"You could live a hundred lifetimes and not deserve him." – Haymitch in Catching Fire
This quote makes my heart ache every time I read it. Haymitch says it to Katniss when they are discussing who will return for the Quarter Quell in Catching Fire, and he reveals that Peeta said he wanted to be sent back into the games so that he could protect Katniss. While Katniss is feeling depressed upon learning she would have to re-enter the games, Peeta was being his typical selfless self and thinking only of what he could do to protect the person he loves. The quote really embodies everything that Peeta is.
Amanda of The Hob

"Fire is catching! And if we burn, you burn with us." – Katniss in Mockingjay
When I first read this quote, it gave me chills and had me cheering out loud for our heroine! For the first time in the series, Katniss is embracing her role as the face of the rebellion. The wording she uses invokes the fire imagery that is repeated throughout all three books. As Katniss says this, the entire nation of Panem is reminded of the girl we first saw riding on the chariot appearing to be 'on fire.’
Gabby of The Hob

"I drag myself out of nightmares each morning and find there's no relief in waking." – Finnick in Mockingjay
As always, when Finnick speaks from the heart, he speaks for humanity. There are horrors in Finnick’s past that most overlook because he’s got “good looks” with the power to let him get away with anything. However, inside Finnick knows the terror of what’s happening around him cannot be obliterated. He and Katniss have suffered and will likely bear the pain all their lives. Thoroughly depressed, Finnick still lives and tries to forget.
Tanvi of Hunger Games Network


"Ladies first!" Effie in The Hunger Games
Effie takes an expression of great chivalry and courtesy and chirps it enthusiastically at the Reaping. But her words aren't about showing good etiquette; she's announcing who is being chosen for a brutal fight-to-the-death contest where anything but decorum reigns, and yet - like everything the Capitol does - the process is dressed up like a candied apple, the rotten core hidden behind a shroud of ruthlessness and deceit.
Adam of The Hunger Games Fireside Chat

Katniss, "Let me go.”  Peeta, "I can't.” in Mockingjay
This quote sums up Katniss and Peeta's entire relationship. Katniss always pulled away from anyone who cared for her, thinking she didn’t deserve it, and most let her. But Peeta didn't, ever. He was her rock. He knew she deserved it and held her tight even when she begged him to let go. That is unconditional love and understanding, and perfect grace.
Amie of HG Girl on Fire

“At some point, you have to stop running and turn around and face whoever wants you dead. The hard thing is finding the courage to do it.” – Katniss in Catching Fire
This quote is such a powerful statement that can apply to many life events. Most people have had situations where they find themselves scared or unsure of what to do and run away from their fears. To get through it and survive, they have to find the strength to dig deep within themselves, and face their fears. This is why Katniss is relatable as a character and why we are drawn to her inner strength.
Sheila of HG Girl on Fire

The Hunger Games Countdown runs here on Movies.com every other Wednesday. There are 169 days until release.

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