‘The Hunger Games' Countdown: Holiday Shopping Ideas For The Tribute In Your Life

‘The Hunger Games' Countdown: Holiday Shopping Ideas For The Tribute In Your Life

Nov 30, 2011

Sure, the official Hunger Games trailer is fantastic enough to hold us all over for quite a while, but thanks to Mainstay Productions, we have yet another Hunger Games trailer to be thankful for: the teaser for their web series, Finnick & Annie. Due out on December 8th, the series will focus on our local District 4 heartthrob, Finnick Odair, and the love of his life, former Hunger Games champion, Annie Cresta. Click here to give the Finnick & Annie teaser a look.

In other visual news, a new trailer still of Amandla Stenberg as Rue in her training attire has popped up as well as a small handful of images from People Magazine in honor of their recent Hunger Games feature. In addition to the shots of Elizabeth Banks as Effie handing over the microphone to Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss and the one of Katniss having a moment with Liam Hemsworth’s Gale, we also got that particularly colorful entry featuring Lenny Kravitz as Cinna, Woody Harrelson as Haymitch and Josh Hutcherson as Peeta all looking their best (see below).

Cinna, Haymitch and PeetaSticking with the theme of HG imagery, The Hob has a fairly amusing two-part piece up and running called “Hunger Games Fans Have an Eye for Details.” As someone who’s worked on a number of short films, I’m well aware of how difficult it can be to maintain continuity. Regardless of the crews’ watchful eyes, tiny details inevitably slip and Hunger Games fans are wasting no time pinpointing the mishaps. Part 1 and Part 2 of the piece highlight a handful of errors including Prim’s Mockingjay pin magically hopping lapels in between shots and the fact that a pair of Converse sneakers have a cameo in the trailer.

In an attempt to transition into the holiday-centric portion of the Countdown, check out this awesome attraction in Singapore. Not only does Singapore have enough of a Hunger Games following to warrant a fan site – and a rather impressive one at that – but they also have a massive Hunger Games snow globe (see top image) right inside the Cathay Shopping Mall at Dhoby Ghaut. Not only can folks step inside the globe for a photo, but you can also score a package of Hunger Games poker cards, too.

Hunger Games Holiday Gift Guide

Singapore not your home base? Don’t worry, there’s still tons of Hunger Games goodies to go around this holiday season, and with the help of the stellar Hunger Games fan-site community, we’ve compiled a wide range of gifts perfect to stuff in the ultimate fan’s stocking – well, if it’ll fit.

People PlatterMovies.comHunger Games People Platter

Warning – this gift idea is a bit on the pricy side, but as I got one for my parents for their anniversary, I can assure you the final product is worth every penny. So, the fine folks at PeoplePlatters.com give you the option of choosing from a variety of different styles of plates and platters and then you pick the people you want to put on them. Are you on team Peeta? Then, who needs Gale? You can make a plate devoted to Katniss and Peeta’s love. Or how about an Everdeen family plate? You can even include Buttercup. The site is loaded with all sorts of figures for which you can designate specific figure sizes, hairstyles and colors, and even facial options. I’d like to bet you could even request to include Cinna’s gold eyeliner. And then there’s a massive list of additional charms that, of course, includes cats, but also has other potential Hunger Games items like a backpack, a rose, bees, fish for the Finnick fans, all the fashion accessories those Capitol residents could dream of and more. So, if there’s a super special Hunger Games fan in your life and you’ve got the cash to spare, I can assure you the team at People Platters will send you a product you’ll cherish for years to come.

HG Girl on Fire - Bow and Arrow Set

The little Katniss in your family may want more than a Mockingjay pin this year. Moms and dads, prepare yourselves for your daughters to ask for a bow and arrow set. Katniss is a great role model for young ladies, standing up for what she believes, enforcing change and protecting her family, but she's also killer with a bow and arrow. You've got a couple of options, seeing as you may not want to buy the real deal, but if you choose to go for the authentic bow and arrow set, you better invest in some archery lessons while you’re at it. However, if you want to go the safer (and cheaper) route, you can grab the Big Bad Bow by Nerf.

Hungergamestrilogy.net - A Goat

Around the holidays, the snow and ice ensure one thing will be on your loved ones' holiday wish lists - something to cuddle with to stay warm. For the Hunger Games fans in your lives, why not get a goat to provide these cuddles and some of this warmth? Simply go to a local animal shelter or see local goats available for adoption by typing in your zip code on www.petfinder.com. Make sure this person would be willing to take care of a goat and if you know they are capable, then go ahead and get the gift! You don't have to get a goat who has been attacked by dogs and doctor it up like Prim did with Lady, but you can provide the goat with plenty of love. If you really want to imitate the fateful day when Katniss brought home Prim's goat Lady, tie a ribbon around the goat's neck. A black and white goat would be the closest to the book's description, but all of the goats are sweet enough that whoever receives them will be covered with kisses and will forever be grateful for their little Lady.

Melanie of HungerGamesMovie.org – Hunger Games Cookies

Hunger Games CookiesIf you are like me and enjoy giving home-baked cookies to your friends and family for the holidays, then why not keep the Hunger Games excitement blazing through the merry season by putting your favorite quotes directly onto the goodies? If you like the idea, but are not that experienced in the decorating department, you can write the quotes onto the cookies with edible markers. But if you are skilled, why not write out the quotes with icing? If you are really feeling motivated you can also draw, with edible marker or icing, a Mockingjay logo to go along with the quotes. So instead of the traditional Christmas tree and snowflake cookies, amaze your friends with a Hunger Games gift that will definitely stand out from the other treats of the season!

Hunger Games Network - Hunger Games Inspired Jewelry

The range of jewelry Hunger Games has inspired makes me want to spend all my money on the beautiful Mockingjay pendants, necklaces, charm bracelets and so much more! I would love if someone could just make a Christmas gift out of it. And a Mockingjay isn’t the only pretty bling there is; we have a whole range of ideas including charms or a pair of earrings like flames, bow and arrows, primrose flowers, parachutes and more. Plus, most of this is available as official merchandise of the series. A piece of jewelry goes with just about anything; it’s convenient, lasting and honestly a great accessory.

Savanna of The Hunger Games Fireside Chat – Orange Backpack Filled with Goodies

I know what you're thinking: "An orange backpack? REALLY? Haven't we heard enough about orange backpacks on Fireside Chat?" Hear me out, though. Big presents are cool, but the problem with big presents is that there's usually only one of them. Isn't it always way more fun to get a giant gift bag FILLED with all kinds of smaller presents? I think it is! So, here's how to create the ultimate goody bag for the ultimate Hunger Games fan in your life: First, buy an orange backpack. A quick Google search will reveal tons of options; simply select the orange backpack you like the best or the one that best fits in your price range. Next, fill the backpack with stuff! My suggestions are: a packet of jerky and a box of crackers (since those are two items that were actually in Katniss's backpack), a hip SIGG water bottle (since Katniss's backpack contained an empty water bottle), and an assortment of fun Hunger Games merchandise like bookmarks, rolled-up posters, the new collector's edition of the book, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Hunger Games WreathMegan of The Hob - Katniss-Inspired Handmade Yarn Wreath

This easy-to-make yarn wreath is great for the Hunger Games super fan in your life! It can be displayed year-round and is not only beautiful, but also straight from the heart (and only costs about $15 to make!). The green-and-brown-colored yarn was inspired by the woods that Katniss so dearly loves, the orange represents the backpack that became her lifeline in the Games, and the arrow represents Katniss' skill as an archer. You can add additional embellishments to represent Katniss, such as a bird (Mockingjay). Just follow this fabulous tutorial to see how it all comes together!
(Not confident enough in your arts and crafts ability to make this wreath? TheHob.org is giving one away for free! Enter their contest right here.)

Fictionalfood.net - Mockingjay Cupcake Toppers

Where gifts are concerned, few things can compete with homemade and one great way to satisfy the sweet tooth of a Hunger Games fan is to do it with Hunger Games cupcakes. On Fictional Food, I've posted a how-to video on making your own mockingjay pins out of fondant, so why not use that to create a set of fondant mockingjay pin cupcake toppers to gift to your friends? Once dry, fondant decorations last a very long time, making it something that you can make ahead and gift, so long as you package them well. That way, your friends can simply bake cupcakes, frost, and add your toppers to have their own Hunger Games cupcakes!

Mockingjay.net - Limited Edition Posters

There really isn't much to say about this because who wouldn't want all eight of the gorgeous character posters that have been popping up in theaters all over the country? Available now on Amazon, these posters are sold individually or in a set of 8. They'd make any room look appropriately Hunger Games-crazed, so if you want your gift recipient to be jumping up and down with excitement come Christmas morning, you really can't go wrong with these posters!

Adam of The Hunger Games Fireside Chat - Hunger Games School Bag

Every kid needs to go to school, and of course, it's hard to be a student without a backpack. So naturally, my gift would be a replica Katniss Everdeen orange backpack, equipped with a K.E. monogram and a healthy supply of pencils, erasers, notebooks, and arrows. This backpack would also be reversible, with a grey option on the inside (so the recipient can live out Katniss's Hunger Games days, both as owner of a clean orange backpack and a mud-camouflaged gray one). We could also attach a mockingjay pin and some brunette hair dye, should the recipient be blonde (e.g. Jennifer Lawrence). Warranty would be included for one week, accounting for tracker jackers and other man-made elements. That kid will be the talk of the cafeteria.

The Hunger Games Countdown runs here on Movies.com every other Wednesday. There are 113 days until release.

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