‘RoboCop’ Remake Goes Viral With ED-209; ‘Hobbit’ Comic-Con Poster Revealed

‘RoboCop’ Remake Goes Viral With ED-209; ‘Hobbit’ Comic-Con Poster Revealed

Jul 09, 2012

Trilogy Talk: Two months before the rebooted Dredd, starring Karl Urban, is due for release, screenwriter Alex Garland is already talking about his plans for the next two installments of the Judge Dredd series. The big “if” is whether the film hits its minimum financial goal of $50 million in box office receipts -- no easy task for an R-rated film in the oft-desolate release territory of September. But if that happens, Garland has two sequel stories ready to go, both involving classic themes from the British comic book series. [Bleeding Cool]

Overseas Spider: Our own Erik Childress provided a very thorough breakdown on the domestic box office performance of The Amazing Spider-Man, but how did it do overseas? After opening a week ago in Asia, it opened widely in Europe and elsewhere, pulling down $129.1 million from 74 markets, and pushing its overall total overseas past $201 million. Meanwhile, the foul-mouthed Ted opened in Australia and was a big hit, earning more than $50,000 per screen. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Viral Machines: The upcoming reboot of RoboCop has yet to begin filming, but the viral campaign has already begun with a commercial for the “battlefield-tested” ED-209 product. An “official” site for OmniCorp., the fictional developer of the ED-209 and RoboCop himself -- to be played by Joel Kinnaman -- has also been set up, with tease-worthy photos. The film is due out in August 2013. [YouTube via OmniCorp]

Here Be Hobbits: A new poster for Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey reveals a magnificent-looking peak at Middle Earth. If you’re attending Comic-Con, you can get one there; otherwise, feast your eyes right here. [Facebook]

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

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