Love This: Criterion Is Giving You Its Movies for Free All Weekend Long

Love This: Criterion Is Giving You Its Movies for Free All Weekend Long

Feb 14, 2013

Recently our Criterion Corner column author David Ehrlich decided to move on to do some serious damage as a senior editor at While we wish him all the luck in the world, it won't quite be the same around here without him, and even moreso when it comes time to dump buckets of love sauce on the Criterion Collection. Ehrlich was and will always be one of Criterion's biggest champions, and it's through his love that we've discovered so many great movies. 

For those who've never dipped their feet into a Criterion release or the collection itself, this weekend might be a good time to do so because they're all free, as in holy crap that's an awesome Valentine's Day present, Criterion! While you're all curled up the couch next to that special someone or something, definitely hit up its home on Hulu to watch tons of iconic movies for free through February 18. Trust us when we say that this is an amazing thing.

Being handed an entire collection at one time with only four days to overdose on movies is a bit intimidating, so here's David's list of the top 10 best Criterion releases of 2012 to help get you started. 

Start watching here.

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