Watch: Quirky 'Lost In Paris' Trailer Brings Back a Delightful Style of Comedy

Watch: Quirky 'Lost In Paris' Trailer Brings Back a Delightful Style of Comedy

May 11, 2017

Comedy changes over time. The substance of jokes evolves along with cultural sensibilities. Things that were already a bit dodgy in the '80s are downright rejected today. You're probably not going to see a remake of C. Thomas Howell's blackface-heavy Soul Man any time soon.

But comedy styles also change. Improv is prized these days, particularly by studios that love the ability to have as many options as possible in the editing room to essentially test screen a movie to perfection. Plus the R-rated comedy is back on vogue in a big way (Exhibit A), with broad, raunchy comedy playing big and wide. That's why a movie like Lost In Paris looks like such a delightful gem from another time.

Going off of the recently release trailer, at least, Lost In Paris looks like a comedy from another era. Physicality is the name of the game, not improv. There aren't any huge, raunchy punchlines delivered for maximum shock value. Instead it's a sweet, whimsical look at two sweet, whimsical people colliding together.

Check it out.

Lost In Paris hits theaters on June 16, 2017 thanks to Oscilloscope pictures.


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