Watch: More Footage Revealed from Lost 'Empire Strikes Back' Documentary

Watch: More Footage Revealed from Lost 'Empire Strikes Back' Documentary

Oct 18, 2012

Yesterday we posted two videos from a lost Empire Strikes Back documentary that never saw the light of day. Directed by Michel Parbot, the doc was full of on-set interviews and behind-the-scenes set construction, and for one reason or another it was scrapped in favor of Parbot's work on another doc called SPFX: The Empire Strikes Back. After posting the 15 minutes of footage (which is all that was available), we immediately contacted Jamie Benning, the director of those fantastic fan-made Star Wars filmumentaries (not to mention Jaws and Raiders of the Lost Ark filmumentaries), and asked him about this so-called "lost" documentary figuring he had more information.

Well, not only did Benning have more info, but he also had more footage -- some of which he included in the filmumentary Building Empire. Benning uploaded the footage he had (some of which might overlap with the previously released footage) for us to share with you. Here's what he had to say: 

"When I was making Building Empire back in 2006 I came across details of a lost documentary that charted the making of The Empire Strikes Back. But wait, hadn't I already seen that? Didn't I have it on VHS? No, SPFX was a different doco entirely which concentrated for the most part on the visual effects. This missing doc was apparently full of on-set footage and interviews with the cast and crew. I had to get my hands on it. Unfortunately my search was fruitless and I had to release Building Empire without this lost gem. 

When I came to make an updated version of my filmumentary for the Miami Underground Film Festival, I was lucky enough to make contact with the owner of the fantastic fan site He was kind enough to furnish me with a few snippets of the doco to use. Alas he was unwilling to release the whole thing to me. In talking to him this week I was able to convince him to release these snippets for you all to see. Make sure you visit StarWarsArchives and it's Facebook group. The owner, Stefan, has some other lost gems which I am sure will come out of the woodwork if we offer our interest and support. Enjoy!"

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