New 'Looper' Trailer Makes Us Want to Time-Travel So We Can Watch the Movie Right Now

New 'Looper' Trailer Makes Us Want to Time-Travel So We Can Watch the Movie Right Now

Jun 29, 2012

UPDATE: We've posted another new trailer that's completely different from the international one below. It's the second trailer.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the hype surrounding Rian Johnson’s new sci-fi action flick Looper, then allow us to show you what you’ve been missing with this new international trailer courtesy of MSN.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis star in this time-traveling action yarn, wherein JGL plays a hitman who cleans up for the mafia. When the mob’s displeased with someone, they ship them 30 years into the past – where Gordon-Levitt’s character is waiting to ice them once and for all. Things get a little complicated when his latest victim turns out to be the future version of himself (played by Bruce Willis). Needless to say, lots of action and violence and some cool looking Inception-esque effects take center stage.

Looper lands in theaters on September 28th – which has us wishing we could time-travel to the future to see it now. Since we can’t, we’ll all have to make do with this trailer until then.

Update: Check out the other new trailer below ...

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