Look/Listen: Wes Anderson Set Photos, Creepy Gulliver's Travels Theme Park and Spider-Man Musical Soundtrack

Look/Listen: Wes Anderson Set Photos, Creepy Gulliver's Travels Theme Park and Spider-Man Musical Soundtrack

Jun 07, 2011

Look: First Set Photos from Wes Anderson's Next Film, Moonrise Kingdom

The first images from the set of Wes Anderson's next film have arrived online, and they show Edward Norton in a Boy Scout's uniform and Bill Murray hanging with what look to be a couple of kids from the movie. Moonrise Kingdom follows the 1960s-set story of two kids from a New England coastal town who fall in love and run away with each other, causing a massive search that involves 300 boy scouts, among others, hence the boy-scout locale in these pics. The images come from The Film Stage, who also tell us that Harvey Keitel has joined the all-star cast, which already includes Norton, Murray, Bruce Willis, Frances McDormand, Tilda Swinton and Jason Schwartzman. No release date is set yet, though a Summer 2012 release is rumored. Could we see a Cannes premiere?

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Look: Check Out This Creepy Gulliver's Travels Theme Park

Thankfully this doesn't exist anymore, but before it could be completely demolished some urban explorers managed to gain access to the failed Gulliver's Travels theme park located 2.5 hours outside Tokyo in order to document what was there. And the images? Freaky. Real freaky. Like, "Check out that giant dead-looking guy tied down in the middle of the park" freaky. Too bad it closed down before we could get video of some girl asking her mother if she could pretty please go walk on that dead man's face. [via Buzzfeed]


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Listen: The Soundtrack for the Re-Booted Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Broadway Musical

Haven't heard much about Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark lately because no one is getting hurt. Good thing for the production, sure, but a bad thing for press, as in ... there ain't any to be found. Word on the street is that this rebooted version is better and makes more sense than the older version, which shut down in April, booted director Julie Taymor, and re-wrote a lot of the music and story. Check out a whole bunch of the music over at the MSN Listening Booth and let us know if you'll be purchasing tickets to see this thing live on Broadway.

Listen to the soundtrack here

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