Look Out, Netflix: There's a New (Faster) Rental Service In Town

Look Out, Netflix: There's a New (Faster) Rental Service In Town

Mar 21, 2011

When it comes to streaming movies online, studios often have deals in place with services like Netflix, Amazon and Vudu that prevent them from making a movie’s digital file available less than 28 days (at minimum) after the disc has been released. The logic beyond this strategy is so that brick-and-mortar stores like Blockbuster and Best Buy have a shot of moving more product out the door before you can just click a button and watch instantly.

Well, the game is changing. A new company, Zediva, makes new movies available to watch at home the day they come out on disc because the service is the first one to stream actual DVDs to your home, rather than digital files. When you order a movie like The Fighter on Zediva, you are watching an actual DVD playing in a DVD player somewhere, thereby circumnavigating the 28-day window. Pricing is pretty competitive, too: $1.99 for one rental or 10 rentals for $10. Zediva is currently compiling a waiting list to join while it builds capacity and, according to its FAQ, plans on streaming actual Blu-rays in the future.

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