Look! It's the New Villain from 'Thor: The Dark World'

Look! It's the New Villain from 'Thor: The Dark World'

May 29, 2013


Listening to nerds gripe about Kenneth Branagh's Thor has to be one of the most painful experiences ever. It was a fun movie with satisfying action and some wink-worthy stuff that gave it an oddball edge. The guy beats things up with a magical hammer for crying out loud. Settle down everyone. The sequel Thor: The Dark World is well on its way. Someone was kind enough to post several new photos from the latest issue of Empire that features stills from the upcoming comic book follow-up.

Christopher Eccleston plays Thor's new nemesis, and he's a freaking elf. Yes, an elf. A Dark Elf known as Malekith the Accursed, who apparently has a vulnerability to iron, but can teleport, energy project, change form and cast illusions. He has elf henchmen, of course (see below). Thor will have to battle the ancient enemy in order to save the Nine Realms. Our hero also reunites with Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and big, dumb fun is bound to happen. Thor: The Dark World is in theaters on November 8. 


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