Look: In 'Blade Runner's' Future, Print Magazines Still Exist

Look: In 'Blade Runner's' Future, Print Magazines Still Exist

Jun 14, 2012

Blade Runner Kill magazineRidley Scott’s Blade Runner painted an interesting picture of the future – one where human looking robots walked amongst us in a garish neon cityscape. Yet, one thing the film didn’t figure out was a future wherein everyone would read on a Kindle or a computer screen.

If you look closely, the newsstand scene in Scott’s film features a plethora of humorous print magazines – meaning that in Deckard’s future, publishers still kill trees to create the latest issue of periodicals like Horn, Kill, and Dorgon Magazine. It’s almost quaint.

Author Paul Sammon noted these quirky designs and titles in his book Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner – but since there’s lots of talk about Scott’s Blade Runner sequel, this seems like a good time to give them another look.

Sammon writes that the designs were conceived by Blade Runner art department employee Tom Southwell and feature not only bizarre names, but outrageous cover prices (some issues were marked at $30!) and hilarious headlines (we’re very curious about Horn’s treatise on “Nose Trode Sex,” for example. Less interested in the promise of a “Scratch and Sniff Centerfold”).

Check out some of our favorites below and swing by BoingBoing for more of these visions of what bathroom reading material would look like in the year 2019.  

Blade Runner Horn magazine

Blade Runner Dorgon magazine


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