Look: 'American Reunion' Images Hit, with R-Rated Trailer Due Thursday

Look: 'American Reunion' Images Hit, with R-Rated Trailer Due Thursday

Oct 12, 2011

With the red-band trailer due out Thursday, some of the first images from the upcoming American Pie sequel, American Reunion, have arrived online, giving us a look at all our favorite characters as they reunite for their 10-year high school reunion. Naturally Jim (Jason Biggs) is up to his old sock tricks again, only this time he's got a laptop ... and a wife, and kids. So who's going to bust into the room on Jim this time around? Perhaps the first trailer will reveal that gag, along with what's in store for some of the other characters from the original.

In an article in USA Today, producers Chris Moore and Craig Perry admit that it wasn't easy getting the entire gang back together, especially since some of them aren't even acting anymore. But they'll all be there -- including the original core cast, as well as side characters played by John Cho and Chris "The Sherminator" Owen. And hey, what would be an American Pie film without a little of Stifler's mom (Jennifer Coolidge) too? Says Eugene Levy (who's the only one to appear in all of the American Pie movies, including the direct-to-DVD sequels): "It's simple and brilliant. It brings everyone out of the world today and back to where they were before." 

Check out more images below (and over at USA Today), and look for the trailer premiere tomorrow at MSN.


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