Marvel Studios Countdown: A Loki Movie Petition Gains Traction, but Is Marvel Listening?

Marvel Studios Countdown: A Loki Movie Petition Gains Traction, but Is Marvel Listening?

Sep 17, 2013

Marvel fans have a pretty good thing in Tom Hiddleston. He’s having the time of his life in his career-defining role as the Avengers’ big baddie Loki, and doesn’t shy away from hamming it up in character at any special opportunity (most notably at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con). Recently, Thor: The Dark World went into reshoots to add a touch more Hiddleston magic, but for some outspoken fans, this just isn’t enough.

They’ve taken to Change.Org to petition Disney to release a Loki solo film. The movement, called “Free Loki,” started with the modest goal of 6,561 signatures and has gained over 23,000 supporters. It should be noted that the goal number was not one that Disney asked for before they would consider a Loki film. It’s just a hopeful goal. Free Loki states, “We feel Loki (as portrayed by Tom Hiddleston), due to the astounding following both the character and actor have earned as a result of the Marvel films, more than warrants further exploration of his story. We believe such an endeavor would not only be profitable and successful but provide a larger view for general audiences of the incredibly complex and diverse personality a well-known villain of the Marvel universe is gifted with.”

I’m sure the fans worry, in part, because there’s no further Loki on the horizon after Thor: The Dark World. The evil robot Ultron is the main villain in the Avengers’ sequel, and there hasn’t been a formal announcement yet concerning Thor 3. This means Loki fans would have to - gasp - browse through 50 years worth of Thor comics for their fix of the Norse trickster god. Interested parties might want to check out Kieron Gillen’s run on Journey into Mystery, a comic that featured Loki as its main protagonist.

Who am I kidding? Of course I know that it’s Hiddleston the fans really want. After Thor, Hiddleston won’t be disappearing. Now that his box office cache has increased, you’ll be seeing him in Muppets Most Wanted and he recently replaced Benedict Cumberbatch as the lead in Guillermo del Toro’s erotic horror thriller Crimson Peak. With Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on the horizon, I’m curious if Hiddleston’s schedule (and pay demands) would allow the actor to appear on the TV show for a short arc. His star doesn’t seem bigger than television, but with his career on the rise, he might not want to break away from film as long as high-profile scripts are coming his way.

I applaud the fan devotion to a Loki movie, but I hope there isn’t any backlash if things don’t go their way. You want more of Loki because, well, you want more of Loki. He’s enjoyable in the part of a background schemer, and while he is a good enough character to support his own adventures, there are still dozens of Marvel characters who haven’t even been brought to life yet while Loki’s appeared in three movies. Everybody’s got to take their turn! Don’t fret - I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of Hiddleston as Loki.


Early Reactions to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

And speaking of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., it’s just one week away from Marvel’s big experiment - a big-budget television show that supplements a series of interconnected films. There’s literally never been anything like it before, and all eyes are on ABC to see if it can pull this off. Here are some early reactions to the series pilot…

“Cut through the slick packaging, though, and this is yet another twist on a procedural, albeit with a few mythological elements to sweeten the experience.” - Brian Lowry, Variety

“Ultimately, Whedon's spin-off series thankfully maintains the same tone and intensity as The Avengers -- which, commercial prospect notwithstanding, ensures briskly engaging drama augmented by genre fun and peppered delicately with self-deprecating humor.” - Todd Gilchrest, Comic Book Resources

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. launches with a plucky, adventuresome and remarkably nonpretentious pilot episode, but if you haven’t been reading Marvel Comics lately (or at all — Stan Lee first dreamed up a S.H.I.E.L.D. story line in 1965), then the show can feel somewhat exclusionary and, frankly, a little too cornball and cutesy about its own geekiness.” - Hank Steuver, Washington Post

“Everything you look for from a TV show: action, laughs, a touch of mystery, great writing and acting, and, most importantly, it's the most entertaining new offering this season.” - Tierney Bricker, E! Online

“It's Joss Whedon! And it's good. It's not great. I'm not even sure I'd put a ‘very’ in front of ‘good,’ but the total number of new drama pilots for this year that I'd even categorize as ‘good’ doesn't exceed the fingers on one hand. So take ‘good’ as a compliment, but don't expect the hype from Ballroom 20 to carry over. It won't change your life or ABC's life, but it's got potential.” - Daniel Fienberg, HitFix

Even though I’m looking forward to the series, the trailers themselves have done little to sell me. Some of the clips from the show look almost smarmy in tone, and its odd that the look of the show is so high key and uninteresting (which isn’t really a budgetary thing, more a glossy, flavorless creative direction). That said, I still haven’t seen it, and hope that the show itself is more engaging than its marketing.


Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. premieres on ABC, Tuesday, September 24 at 8/7c.




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