Lohan's Brother to Play Heroin Addict While Lindsay's in Rehab

Lohan's Brother to Play Heroin Addict While Lindsay's in Rehab

Nov 18, 2010

Just when you thought this family couldn't get any more screwed up ... well, they get even more screwed up. While Lindsay Lohan camps out in rehab till January, her mother Dina looks to be latching onto another one of her kids in the hopes they'll become everything Lindsay isn't and never will be.

According to TMZ, Dina Lohan now has a production company called Defiant Pictures that's getting ready to go into production on a film called Growing Defiant, starring -- wait for it -- Michael Lohan Jr., Lindsay's brother. The film will reportedly follow three lifelong friends from Long Island who get all mixed up with heroin ... and (we imagine) go to Mets games, drive outdated Camaros and date girls with high hair named Tina.

Is it ironic that Lindsay Lohan's mother is making a movie about drug addicts starring her son while her famous daughter, a drug addict, waits it out in rehab? Yes. But it's also hilariously SO Long Island of her to do that.

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