Lohan Leaves Jail, Fishburne and Mendes Make Sex Tapes and Nicolas Cage is Cagey

Lohan Leaves Jail, Fishburne and Mendes Make Sex Tapes and Nicolas Cage is Cagey

Aug 04, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Trades Jail for Rehab Due to “overcrowding,” Lindsay Lohan’s 90-day prison sentence was reduced to just 14 days, and the sometimes actress officially begun her 90-day stint at rehab earlier this week. Since it’s court-ordered, Lohan will definitely have to complete the 90 days of rehab. According to TMZ, she’s currently holed up at UCLA's Neuropsychiatric Hospital, where she’s being treated for a number of things including bipolar disorder, substance abuse and poor movie choices (Herbie Fully Loaded, anyone?).

Laurence Fishburne’s Daughter is Totally a Porn Star Though her father is a well-respected actor with dozens of memorable roles to his name, apparently his daughter Montana Fishburne has opted to take the red pill and stay in wonderland where she’ll be starring in a porn for Vivid Entertainment. Why, you might ask? Blame Kim Kardashian. Says Montana, “I've watched how successful Kim Kardashian became and I think a lot of it was due to the release of her sex tape." Her father is reportedly very upset over the whole thing, and why not? I mean, damn, couldn’t she convince Kim to star alongside her?

Eva Mendes’ Sex Tape Speaking of sex tapes, the entire male race simultaneously high-fived when news of one featuring Eva Mendes hit the wires this week. Men far and wide raced to their computers, sans pants, only to find a video entitled Eva Mendes Sex Tape over at FunnyorDie that is just a spoof featuring Eva Mendes attempting to sell actual sticky tape. Yes, just in time for her movie The Other Guys with Will Ferrell, who’s involved in that site. Screw it, I’ll just go watch Training Day, We Own the Night and Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans instead. Is there a film where Eva Mendes doesn’t get naked at least once?

Why Is Reese Witherspoon Making All the Money? According to Forbes’ latest money-related list, Reese Witherspoon made the second most amount of money for an actress between June 2009 and June 2010. Sandra Bullock nabbed the top spot (and she won an Oscar, so we’ll give her that), but behind Bullock you have Witherspoon (who didn’t even star in a live-action film in 2009), Cameron Diaz (can we all agree that this chick doesn’t do it for us anymore?), Jennifer Aniston (she throws darts at scripts taped to the wall instead of actually reading them) and Sarah Jessica Parker (because beyond Sex and the City, we care about her … why?).

Nicolas Cage Ditches Film--Then Comes Back Guess the strapped-for-cash Nicolas Cage thought he didn’t need the money bad enough to earn a $7 million paycheck. First Cage abruptly left the film Trespass two weeks before production because … he wanted to go to the Bahamas? Cage was set to play the leader of a group of people who take a married couple hostage for money, though that was only after he demanded a role switch (he was originally slated to play the husband alongside Nicole Kidman as his wife). We wish they had to go kidnap Cage from the islands, but turns out just days later he had a change of heart and returned to the film, this time playing the husband after all. Go figure. Seven figures, that is.

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