'Big Trouble in Little China'-Inspired "Gangnam Style" Parody Is Awful...ly Awesome?

'Big Trouble in Little China'-Inspired "Gangnam Style" Parody Is Awful...ly Awesome?

Oct 22, 2012

It's pretty incredible how far South Korean pop star Psy's insidiously addicting song "Gangnam Style" has spread. He seems like a genuinely nice, funny and charming guy, and so his sudden and monumental success is actually great to see. Less great, however, are all of the "Gangnam Style" parodies that have emerged in Psy's wake. Most of them are just awful, cheesy, cringe-inducing grabs for attention. "Lo Pan Style," however, deserves a tip of our hat [via BAD].

Oh, it's still pretty awful, and it's definitely cheesy, and you'll cringe, but it's so dedicated to mashing up "Gangnam Style" with John Carpenter's peerless Big Trouble in Little China that we can't help but smile watching it. Even without the cameo from the original David Lo Pan (James Hong), there's an attention to detail here that's fairly impressive, even if the music itself does kind of make us want to curse it to the Hell of Being Cut to Pieces.

And while we're talking about Big Trouble in Little China music videos, we can't forget about John Carpenter's own band, the Coupe DeVilles:

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