Watch: Get a Glimpse of the Stormy Lifetime Movie 'Liz & Dick' Starring Lindsay Lohan

Watch: Get a Glimpse of the Stormy Lifetime Movie 'Liz & Dick' Starring Lindsay Lohan

Sep 21, 2012

Earlier this week we saw the debut of Lifetime's poster for Liz & Dick — chronicling the rocky relationship between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. The screen stars were madly in love, but there was constant drama surrounding their love affair — and we do mean affair, since they became entangled while still married to other people. For Taylor it was her fifth marriage, but it was beset by tabloid frenzy since the two stars were some of the most famous people in Hollywood at that time, and they did things their own way. The couple divorced eventually, and then got remarried, and divorced yet again. It was all quite dizzying, and we're sure Lifetime will be putting a gloriously terrible, pulpy spin on the passionate romance.

We weren't fans of the film's dreadful poster, which looks like a grade schooler could have Photoshopped it together. The trailer we've shared below isn't fantastic either. As The Playlist comments, it's cut like a TMZ clip — and while we get what they're going for, it just doesn't work. Still, this is only a trailer and it gives us a glimpse of Lohan in action, with Grant Bowler playing the Welsh actor. In the clip, Lindsay sounds like a two-pack-a-day problem, which is a far cry from the real Liz's poised demeanor. We'll still watch this, because we'd love to see Lohan get her sh*t together and get back in the game. The troubled actress was arrested for a hit-and-run "accident" earlier this week, and her mother just embarrassed herself during a Dr. Phil interview, so… yeah.


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