Live Chat Friday, April 23 with Eclipse Stars, Green Hornet in 3D, Downey Jr. to Play Oz?

Live Chat Friday, April 23 with Eclipse Stars, Green Hornet in 3D, Downey Jr. to Play Oz?

Apr 19, 2010

  •  UStream, I Stream, We All Stream Tune in at 5:15 p.m. PST/8:15 ET for a 30-minute live chat with several cast members from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Sorry--Edward, Bella and Jacob won't be participating. Bryce Dallas Howard, Nikki Reed and Julia Jones are, if you want to hear what they've got to say.
  •  Green Hornet Stung Again Amid rumors that Seth Rogen’s Green Hornet is in trouble (sources recently claimed Sony isn’t happy with the campy take on the superhero and Seth Rogen—surprise! Looks nothing like him), comes news now that the movie has been pushed back from its Dec. 22 date to the dumping grounds of mid-January. Why? To render it in 3D! I think now I’m turning green.
  •  Avatarded James Cameron revealed that Pandora's ocean will be the focus of Avatar's sequel (sea-quel?) instead of its moon and surrounds after all. Because instead of like, cool 3D in space with maybe aliens and stuff, we'd rather watch The Abyss 2 3D with like, ice caps melting and fish dying. Hell, why not even put Zac Efron in it. Yawn.
  •  Still Baffling Four new stills have emerged for Christopher Nolan's mysterious Inception. The look on Leo DiCaprio's face in the second one pretty much describes my reaction to everything about this movie so far.
  •  Backlash BeginsIn other Nolan news, this I like to hear. The director is apparently anti-3D, and his go-to cinematographer doesn't like it either, meaning we can assume that Batman 3 most likely won't, repeat won't, be in 3D--although filming completely in IMAX isn't out of the question.
  •  Oz-Some Robert Downey Jr. is apparently in talks to star as the wizard of Oz in a long-discussed dark "prequel" of the classic, in which the wizard is a fraud living in Kansas before coming to the Emerald City. Sam Mendes, now free thanks to the Bond movie/MGM debacle, or Hairspray's Adam Shankman (?) may direct.
  •  One Studio to Screw Them All It's official, the 23rd installment of the James Bond series is on hold indefinitely until MGM's money troubles are worked out. And given that MGM's The Hobbit hasn't even been greenlit, don't look for that one to start filming anytime soon, either.
  •  Thrillogies A rep from Lucasfilm confirmed that the 6-movie Star Wars series "with lots of extra material" may be coming to Blu-ray sooner than you think, although if you think this debut release will be the last, you're more naïve than Jar Jar Binks.
  •  More Like “Ashland” Iron Man 2's London premiere became the biggest movie casualty thus far to fall victim to Iceland’s erupting volcano, and it's now taking place in Los Angeles. The junket for Robin Hood quickly followed suit. And there could be yet more fallout.

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