Listen: Will Smith Returns to Music to Remix "Summertime" with DJ Jazzy Jeff

Listen: Will Smith Returns to Music to Remix "Summertime" with DJ Jazzy Jeff

Jun 11, 2012

It's sorta sad to realize that kids these days probably only know Will Smith from his blockbuster movies like Men in Black, I Am Legend or Independence Day, but back in the day Smith was a hip-hop artist who teamed with DJ Jazzy Jeff on a bunch of iconic hits like "Parents Just Don't Understand" and "Summertime," the latter of which was a bit of a personal anthem for this writer because it came out when I was a teenager who spent many weekends cruising around in his car with nothin' to do but play this song a few hundred times ... very loudly, might I add.

Smith has taken a break from the music scene as of late, popping up here and there will a little somethin' somethin' for his old-school fans, and many of us were a bit jaded when he didn't provide a track for the recent Men in Black installment. But fear not, the Fresh Prince has reteamed with his old buddy DJ Jazzy Jeff on a remix of his hit "Summertime" for Jeff's album "Summertime vol. 3," due out this summer. 

You can listen to a snippet of it below, and we've also provided the original music video for you to check out. Ah, memories ...



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