Listen to Howard Shore's Entire Score for 'The Hobbit'

Listen to Howard Shore's Entire Score for 'The Hobbit'

Nov 13, 2012


Update: The entire score for The Hobbit is now available online courtesy of Empire. You can listen to it below, and it'll be available to buy on December 10.

 Originally posted 11/9/12:

Famed composer Howard Shore has contributed his Academy Award-winning compositions for the Lord of the Rings trilogy. His recording sessions for Peter Jackson's related movie, The Hobbit, kicked off this summer with the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Website Awards Daily recently posted one of the musical tracks from the upcoming film. The clip is called "Radagast the Brown" and refers to a wizard of Gandalf's order, played by Sylvester McCoy (pictured above). He'll play a key role in the new film series, even though his appearance in J.R.R. Tolkien's novels was fairly brief.

Feel free to nerd out on that in the comments section, as he's not a character we're awfully familiar with. This completed piece of music helps immerse us even more in Jackson's long-awaited, three-part fantasy epic, which is set to debut with An Unexpected Journey on December 14. The track ranges from gentle melodies to a more frantic pace, with a children's choir and a few somber tones. See what you make of it, below. Does Howard do Tolkien's saga proud so far?

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